Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 12th November 2020 Written Update: Mayan possessed by God

Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 12th November 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Mayan and Durai family is standing infront of Ayyanar and waiting for next pooja. Priest inform to them that its god coming to give dharisanam time so start playing the Uri. Hearing the Uri sound Mayan body jerks a bit. Then he starts to dance in different way seems like God possessed Mayan body. Everyone staring him surprised.

Priest says that God entered into his body let’s fill him with Ashes. Seeing his body language Maha alert Parvathy that he is doing drama here. Parvathy replies to her that it seems he is not faking it. Maha says he is giving extra ordinary acting so don’t believe him at all. Rathinavelu comes near him, God ask to him what take him to come near him these many days?

When he was happy he didn’t remember him but came now to see him in tough time. Rathinavelu apologise to him. Parvathy goes next. He says that she has many confusions with her everything will be alright. For Maha he says that accept the life she got it. He will cure her all wounds. He says to Kasthuri she will became good officer and make her family proud. For Nachiyar he says her husband death happened for a reason.

Soon she will realise it. He says to Saranya she is carrying heavy weight don’t worry he will help her to drop it down. For Aishu he says that her anger will ruin her so control it. For Gayathri he says she was so innocent nothing will go wrong she will get a life like she craved for. Mayan says to Durai that he is like a king but his close relation will betray him so be careful. He calls Roja and says to her she is a sin so leave. Mayan faints down.

Roja cries thinking that God didn’t said anything to her. Durai notice her and consoling her when she is thinking about it too much. He explains to her that not only for her but also for many God didn’t said anything so take it free. Mayan sitting with Kathi and drinking water tiredly. Kathi says to him that his acting was too perfect even he doubts whether he was acting or real.

Mayan replies to him he didn’t acted but God possessed him in real. Kathi don’t trust him so Mayan assures to him that he don’t lie. Rathinavelu comes there and gives cool drinks to him. He says to him proudly he done a mistake these many days. He was with him but he searched Groom outside its all fate. Because his father also possessed by god before though he was groom to his family same happened in Mayan things also he leaves from there.

Mayan ask to him what did he said to Maha. Kathi narrates to him that he ask her to accept the life he will be with her in all situation. Mayan thinks she don’t believe him. As he expected Maha comes there and says to him she don’t believe him. His words never gonna be true. Mayan says to her strongly its fate till the day he thought something will go wrong but today that god too supporting him.

Gayathri standing alone. Her family comes there and ask to her why did she standing alone. She complaints to them they are avoiding her she don’t like to go with them. Nachiyar force her to Marry Muthuraj when she confessed to her that she like Adhavan only. Their family stand adamant in their decision so Gayathri decides to die then marry him. Muthuraj saying to Vadivu that Mayan not allowing him to spend time with Gayu there but this Durai here.

Durai students comes there to take his blessings. Muthuraj wanna take revenge on him so he challenging Durai to wrestle with him. He deny it then agree for his wife and kids. Durai showing black and blue to Muthuraj. Mayan and team supporting him. Muthuraj falls down defeated. Roja applying oinment for his wound.