Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 12th October 2020 Written Update: Rathinavelu got a heart attack

Nam  Iruvar Namak Iruvar 12th October 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Kasthuri imforming to Mayan that Rathinavelu got heart attack, Mayan got shocked to hear it. He rushed to the hospital in tension. Parvathy keeps crying there Maha tries to convince her. Mayan reach the hospital Kasthuri hugged him and crying badly he trying to convince her , Maha glaring him. He ask to them what happened suddenly.

Parvathy replies to him that she argues with him so he went to market after the fight he met Maha there unexpectedly he faints down while speaking with her. Mayan got shocked. He stare Maha she is glaring him. Mayan ask to her in mindvoice why did she confess all truth to him Isn’t he warn her he can’t able to accept the truth.

He blames himself for his state. Here parvathy blaming herself for his state. She informs to him that Rathinavelu got heart attack before marriage though he hide it from everyone to perform Maha marriage well but she always argued with him not knowing his state. Kasthuri cries more Mayan consoling her. Maha ask Kasthuri to bring water she refuce to drink it. Maha convince her .

Nachiyar thinking about Inspector words about Raja Rathinam accident case. Chidambaram comes there and ask to Nachiyar where were she losted? Nachiyar ask to him does her husband has any enemy. He replies to her as Masani is the only enemy of him. Just then Vadivu comes there and informs to Nachiyar that Rathinavelu admitted in hospital due to Heart Attack. Nachiyar calls to her lawyer to know about Rathinavelu health.

Mayan blaming himself for Rathinavelu state. Kathi tries to convince him. Mayan narrates to him how did Surya said everything to Maha before himself so Maha hating him to the core. Kathi says to him he will help him to explain to Maha whatever happened. Mayan replies to him there is no use of it.

Doctor ask Mayan to pay the amount for operation and ask his wife to put an sign in procedure. He about to pay the amount Maha pushed that amount down and lashed out at him. He tries his best to convince her that money should pay immediately for operation.

Maha replies to him his amount is sin so she doesn’t want it. She and her family got enough to be with him. So stop pretending to be nice to them just because of him her father is in this state today. She warns the staff to don’t receive the amount from him till she pays it.

Nachiyar talked with the Hospital chief and assures him she will pay the bill so continue the treatment but don’t inform anyone that she called him and ask to do it. Maha returned confused and inform Kasthuri someone paid the bill. Kasthuri guessed it as Mayan but Maha refuse it.