Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 13th January 2021 Written Update: Mayan warns Maasani

Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 13th January 2021 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Kathi coming to garden area and notice Muthuraj there reading newspaper. He greeted him and thinks he is just staring the pictures and pretend like reading newspaper.

Muthuraj thinks how dare him to behave normal even after mess with him. Muthuraj goes near him and question him newly groom how was your life. Kathi is smoking and nods nothing. Muthuraj question him did everying over between them. Kathi glares him. Muthuraj tease him that he wored the garland which he threw away. Kathi says its Gayathri whom don’t like to marry him. Muthuraj says that he was lucky in that matter. He got luck to enter inside this house but whatever its is she is second handed. Kathi says to him that everything is over just go in his way leaving him alone.

Muthuraj question him doesn’t he get angry when he mentioned her as second handed did first night over with her. Kathi ask him to shut it but he didn’t listen to him. He shows the banner to him and says he kept it here to insult her. Kathi burns the banner infront of Muthuraj. He got angry and both starts fighting with each other. Nachiyar, Saranya and Aishu comes there running. Muthuraj lies to her that he burned it intentionally to hurt him. Nachiyar blames Kathi.

Gayathri is sitting there alone. Nachiyar comes there and starts scolding her for Kathi act. She question him will someone burn the banner of alive person. Gayathri stands there in silent. She ask her to controll Kathi. Kathi listen this all and says to Gayathri that he didn’t done anything intentionally but Muthuraj talks ill about her that’s why. He didn’t promise her to protect her for name sake but he mean it. This incident also include in it. He apologize to her for it and leaves.

Nachiyar sitting in garden. Vadivu comes there and ask Nachiyar to talk with her like before. Nachiyar says to her that they spend money for marriage if she says how much it was she will pay back to her. Vadivu says she is groom side obviously they spend money for it but its not a matter to them. The only thing hurting her is Gayathri done like this to them.

Nachiyar says to her she will search an good girl for him. Vadivu says that Muthuraj will get many girls to marry its not their intention if she wish to see his marriage then she would have choose someone from that mandap. She wish to get Saranya or Aishu hand for Muthuraj. Nachiyar already assures to her she will give her daughter hand by saying this she leaves. Nachiyar thinking about it.

Maasani is talking in phone. Mayan and Kathi comes there. Maasani question them why is he here? Mayan ask to him why did he targetting his house he will return the money to him in 30 days.

Maasani question him did he have anything in his hand to repay the money apart from the properties on his name gifted by his father. His father tortured him a lot so he wanna get that house at any cost. Mayan says to him that he only saw the Mayan whom obeyed him but hereafter he gonna see the real Mayan by saying this he leaves from there.

Episode end.