Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 13th November 2020 Written Update: Mayan promise to Gayathri

Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 13th November 2020 Written Update on

Today’s episode begins with Roja saying to Durai because of her he got hurt. Durai console her first by explaining to her its nothing like that he didn’t get hurt because he done wrestle with him. Muthuraj stabbed him with knife that’s why he got wound. Roja says to him its her mistake only. He ask to her why did she force him to wrestle with him because he hesitate to go thinking about her. Roja replied she don’t like the way he insulted him. She is applying oinment to him he is staring her lovingly.

Priest says to all its time to eat food. Saranya says to him she is so hungry so she wanna eat food first. Priest says to her first married couple wanna eat first that’s the ritual here. Saranya ask to him what is this all? Why there is so much of rules in this temple? He ask her to get marry and he will allow her to eat first. Priest ask the husband to eat first after he finish eating their wife will eat in it. Mayan gets surprised hearing it. Kathi says to him he gonna convert to his temple because here is so many rituals which help him to romance a lot. Maha glares Mayan. Mayan and Durai sits to eat.

Priest ask their wife to serve them. Maha done it uninterestedly. Roja hesitate to do it but her mom forced her to do it. Mayan informs to Maha don’t worry he will only eat from one side she can eat other side. Muthuraj top join with them Gayathri serves to him without option. After they ate Maha, Roja and Gayathri sits there to eat. Mayan ask Kathi to do something. He pretend like giving water to her and poures water on her food so its fully wet. Gayathri dress also wet. Kathi ask her to change her dress.

Maha giving food to fish in the pool. Mayan comes there with Kathi . He starts sharing to her about their fate and how did god bringing them together in every matter. Maha replies to him whatever happen she won’t accept him he might be punished for his deeds. Durai comes there and ask to Mayan what was the matter? He tries to manage but went in vain. He shares everything to Durai. He says to him that his love on Maha is true but the path he chose to reach her was wrong. Mayan ask him to don’t misunderstand him he done everything to do good for her. Durai ask him to do everything for her till she accept him. Mayan nods.

Rathinavelu thank Nachiyar and her family for accompany them. They search Durai to bids bye to him. He arrives there and informs to them the roads were closed due to flood.they opened the damn without information. They says to him they have so much works to do. He clears to them no way to go back so celebrate Diwali with them. Gayathri talking to her family emotionally. And thanked Mayan for being an good brother to her then leaves from there.

Mayan doubts her way of behaviour so followed her with Kathi. They gets shock seeing her standing upon well and ready to jump at any moment. They runs near her. But she jumped in already he too jumps inside and saves her. He lashes out at her for her foolish decision. He plead to her to don’t do such things again to hurt him he will be alone if she too leaves him. He promise to her that he will perform her marriage with Adhavan at any cost.

Nachiyar searching for her everywhere and finds her coming with Mayan. She question her what happened? Kathi lies to her that they scared her so she fell into well Mayan rescue her. Nachiyar blames him and takes her in. Mayan assures to her he will take care of everything so don’t worry. Mayan shares everything to Durai he ask him to kidnap Muthuraj and make Adhavan marry her. Mayan deny it by saying everyone will find out this. Maha is the one whom locked him emotionally.