Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 13th October 2020 Written Update: Rathinavelu demands Mayan

Nam  Iruvar Namak Iruvar 13th October 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Parvathy crying for Rathinavelu and keep blaming herself for his condition. Maha consoling her. Mayan also crying like a kid and saying to Kathi because of him Rathinavelu got Hear Attack. Kathi trying to console him but Mayan worrying a lot for him.

He says to him that he never felt lonely when his mom passed away and worried when his father threw him away but seeing Rathinavelu in this condition made him break into pieces. He can’t able to see him in this state. He may looks strong by his appearance but actually he is too weak. They will do surgery by cutting his body he can’t able to imagine it. Kathir consoling him that everything will be alright. For him they invited doctors from chennai. Mayan replies to him if something happens to him then he has no one with him.

Parvathy saying to Maha after marriage he never raised his hand on her but today he slapped her when she went overboard. Unaware of his body condition she talked a lot that’s why he got angry with her and left the house. Maha says to herself she done nothing but Mayan whom the responsibility for everything. Kasthuri says to her its god’s grace Maha saw him on market and admitted him to the hospital at the correct time. Parvathy asks to her why did she meet him in the Market. The doctor comes out of the operation theatre and said the patient wake up they can meet him without disturbing.

Maha, Kasthuri, and Parvathy go in and see him in laying position tiredly. They burst out in cry and ask him how is he? Is it paining a lot? He assures them nothing to worry he is alright. He holds Maha’s hand and says to her she is the lucky charm he saw her face while closing his eyes. He wanna meet her again that’s why he fought with the operation and came back to alive. Maha feels emotional. Parvathy apologizes to him for her behaviors. He forgives her.

Kasthuri cries and ask to him Is he alright? He assures her yes he is. He ask about Mayan. Hearing his name Maha got angry but stays silent. Mayan comes in sadly. He sits beside him and hold his hand crying. He informs to him he wished to see him that’s why he came back alive. He is not only his son in law but his son. He ask him to take care of his family after him. Mayan replies to him nothing will happen to him.

Rathinavely says he knew it but he needs a promise from him that he will take care of Maha and his family. Mayan stare at Maha and promises to him. Maha says to herself don’t trust him he backstabbed him. He is the sole reason for his state. Mayan assures him he will take care of them and cries a lot. Rathinavelu teases him that he is crying like a kid.

Mayan and Maha meet doctor. He informing to them he is in bit critical situation so they must take care of him. He ask his name he replies as Mayan. He says to him Rathinavelu often mention his name in unconscious state too so its his responsbility to take care of him. He advise to follow the diet and medicine and keep him away from crowd. Most important thing don’t share shocking incident to him and make him more happy too it will affect his heart. Maha ask to him when will he back to normal. He replies to her as may be 6 months or 1 year they must take care of him.

Mayan waits for Maha she comes there and mocks him. God always showing partiality to good people and doing good with a people like Mayan. He has good luck with him always even after he done many wrong deeds. See he hates his father but he wrote all property on his name.

She ignored him and didn’t heed to him but he somehow married her by using Surya’s weakness. Now she knew all truth about him but she can’t able to inform her father. Either she can leave him or live with him. Such a trap for her. She hates him to the core. She says to him stop pretending like caring about him at least in front of her because he knew about him well. She pleads him to stay away from her. Mayan thought he done a big mistake.