Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 14th January 2021 Written Update: Gayathri defend Kathi

Nam  Iruvar Namak Iruvar 14th January 2021 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Mayan comes to hall and notice Kathi there. He question him where is he going? He replies to him that he gonna solve the panchayat problem. Mayan says to him after his marriage he turned out to be a responsible person. Kathi says to him don’t make joke he don’t have any job to do just roaming in this house. He made him married to Gayathri. She deserve to marry a doctor or Engineer because of his decision all are blaming him.

Mayan says to him that we got many doctors and Enigineers to marry but will never get a good person like him. He has this quality then why did he taking tensed. Kathi question him being a good person is also added in quality? Mayan says its the most important one in marriage he is way too perfect then him. Vadivu speaking to Maasani in phone to finish this family and make them suffer in pain. She wanna see them humiliating infront of all.

Mayan and Kathi listening this all. Seeing them Vadivu pretend like talking favour to Nachiyar family and changed her brother name too. Mayan says to him that she is acting well to hide from us we wanna spy her because hearing from her talk they planned something big. Kathi ask him to alert all but Mayan stop him and says none will believe them so lets deal them in our style.

Nachiyar is crying seeing her husband frame. She is feeling low thinking about all the incident. Saranya and Aishu comes there to console her. Nachiyar says to them that she lost everything in her life. As a son he betrayed her. Gayathri back stabbed her. Because of Saranya she lost this property and jewels too. She has no energy to see all.

Maha comes there and ask her to trust Saranya in it. Nachiyar complaints she trusted her a lot but she done like this to her. Maha says that Saranya the one whom run this family so she might trust her. Nachiyar nod and leaves. Saranya thank Maha for trusting her. Maha ask her to consider her as friend.

Maha thinking about it in swing. Mayan comes there and making fun of her. Maha question him that he don’t have any tension about this all? Mayan replies that he strongly believes nothing will go wrong he can manage the situation. Maha blames him as the reason for everything. Mayan says Maasani is Vadivu brother why don’t she suspect her. Mayan says to her that Maasani is dangerous person only he can able to deal with him. Maha ask him to stay away from this matter. Mayan things lets deal it alone.

Gayathri getting ready to go out Vadivu notice her and teasing her did she going out to sale her remaining jewels? Her brother and Husband is jobless persons. She is questioning her why did she married to Kathi?

In which way Muthuraj is less then him? Gayathri replies he is having good character. When it comes to life character matter first he is 1000 times better then Muthuraj. Just learn about your own son Muthuraj character he is a womanizer. She leaves from there Kathi listening it all proudly.

Episode end.