Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 14th October 2020 Written Update: Gayathri emotional talk to Mayan

Nam  Iruvar Namak Iruvar 14th October 2020 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Maha helping Rathinavelu to drink water and take medicine. Mayan enter slowly seeing him there Maha got angry but stays silent there Rathinavelu ask to him where were he? Kasthuri said to him that Mayan stayed beside him the whole night without sleeping but when he woke up he is not there. He replies to him that he went to the temple. Rathinavelu tease him that he never go to that side in good days too then why did he go to the temple out of the blue?

He replies to him that he didn’t meet any situation to go there yet but today his god Rathinavelu is in this condition so he must go and meet the big god. Maha feels him acting a lot. Rathinavelu says to him he knew well to flatter all. Mayan says his all words were true. Rathinavelu asks him to give Viboothi to him. Mayan says to him he will wait outside he stops him and says he wanna talk to both of them. He asks him Is any problem between them?

Maha lies to him as nothing. He asks Mayan he replies to him when did Maha lies to us? Nothing like that why did he asking like that? He replies to him they canceled the trip that is why? Mayan reasoned that his lawyer said he wanna sign in some paper so he stayed back for that. It happened for good that’s why they are here on time.

Parvathy asking Mayan to eat something but Rathinavely deny it. Mayan comes there and asks her what happened? She replies to him that he must take medicine after taking food he is not eating it. Mayan starts to feed Rathinavelu forcefully. Kasthuri making juice for him and made him drink it. Maha taking care of him. Mayan massaging his legs at night Maha notices it how Rathinavelu sleeping peacefully. Mayan slept in a sitting position he jerked from sleep and notice him laying down without movement so Mayan goes near him and checks his heartbeat. He tested Mayan that he is alive and goes and sleeps. He nods.

Mayan is smoking in the garden Gayathri comes there hesitantly. Mayan sees her and ask Gayathri why is she here? Is she come here to talk with her would be? she ask about Rathinavelu state to him? He asks him why did she asking about him? She replies to him that she really concerned about him. He complaints none asked about his state to him at least they can ask Maha, right? All are selfish here living for money like Chidambaram. Gayathri asks about him. He replies to her he is doing good. When she asks about Maha he asks her whether she is spying on him or not?
Gayathri replies to him nothing like that she really likes her father a lot but whenever she speaks with Mayan she is feeling to talk with her father by saying this she ran away crying.

Mayan went to hospital to meet Rathinavelu with Fruits Kathi calls him on the correct time he informed to him that Rathinavelu got discharged without informing him. He go to his house. Maha see him there and stops him from entering in. She badmouths on him doesn’t he have shame to come here again after done so much to them. How much he pretends like take care of him. He lied to them and backstabbed him.

She can able to say the truth to all but she doesn’t wanna hurt her father. Mayan pleads to her don’t say it to him. Maha mocks him that he love her father more then her she ask him to get out from there before she killing him and pushed away from the fruits. Parvathy comes there and ask to her what happened she replies as nothing and leaves. Mayan too leaves quietly Parvathy thinks something is wrong with both of them.