Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 18th January 2021 Written Update: Mayan warns Maasani

Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 18th January 2021 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Vadivu saying to Nachiyar that Muthuraj drunk like this because still he was hurt. None think about his state? That Gayathri betrayed him and eloped from the mandap but still Muthuraj can’t able to forget her. He is drinking like this to forget her how much she tries to stop him but he is not in the mood to listen her. He is spoiling his health.

As a mother she can’t able to see her son suffering like this so Nachiyar wanna take care of it and take the responsibility of him. She question her back what will she do? Nachiyar accused Nachiyar as the reason for his state because she was the one asked Muthuraj hand for Gayathri when her engagement stopped. She already gave promise to her she will give anyone of her daughter hand to Muthuraj. She need one of her daughter for her son.

Saranya studied in abroad so its not fair to ask her hands. She ask her to give Aishu hands for Muthuraj. Everyone staring her in shock. Nachiyar asking to her what will she do? Vadivu takes Muthuraj from there. When they enters into the room. Muthuraj smirks and gives hifi to his mom and praise her acting. Muthuraj says now they are trapped.

Mayan reach his house. Maha sitting outside of the house. He is thinking why did she sitting here and staring him in anger. He didn’t done anything. He thinks its better to leave not disturbing her. Maha stops him and questioned him doesn’t he noticed her sitting alone here and lost in her thoughts? He replies as yes. She ask to him then why didn’t he asking the matter to her?

Mayan replies if he ask to her will she replies to his question? She will shout on him when he tries to talk with her now she is getting anger on him for not disturbing him. Its unfair he complained to her. Maha complaint because of him everyone loss their peace here. Mayan ask her to come to the point. Maha informs to him that Muthuraj came to home drunken. Mayan laughs and says he was caught red handed today. He already infrormed to everyone he is drunkard but none believed him. Maha says he came drunk because he can’t able to forget Gayathri.

Mayan deny it and says he was acting. Maha says that Vadivu created an big scene here and blames Nachiyar for it. He didn’t heed to it. Maha added that Vadivu ask another one daughter hands for him. Mayan gets angry how dare him to again play with their lives. He won’t allow it doesn’t this Saranya has brain? Maha says she asked Aishu hands for him. Mayan says he knew it well Gayathri and Aishu are less talkative compared to Saranya they are taking advantage of them whatever happens he will never allow him to marry his sisters. Maha question him Is he gonna kidnap bride again? He replies why should he kidnap bride he will kidnap groom straightly and kill him then he won’t come to his family. He will also go to jail then Maha can live happily here by saying he left.

Maasani henchmans are taking survey of Nachiyar house. She comes there and question them but Maasani comes there and informs to her that he gonna smash this house and build a five star hotel here. Saranya arguing with him its unfair to doing like this. Maasani says that she brought money from him. Saranya says she will return it soon.

Maasani replies he don’t need her money but this house. Her father poked his head in his business so he wanna smash his house. Mayan comes there and scold security for allowing them in. Massani shouts on him. Mayan threaten him to go from this house and says to Nachiyar he won’t allow anyone to touch his father house. Nachiyar crying and saying to Chidambaram that Mayan threaten Maasani so he was angry on them he challenged him to destroy this house. Vadivu enjoy seeing Nachiyar crying.

Episode end.