Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 19th April 2021 Written Update: Chidambaram in a fit of Rage

Nam iruvar montage now
Nam iruvar montage now

Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 19th April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Aishu and Muthuraj are sitting in their room. Muthuraj asks Aishu to tell what would she like to buy? He will buy it for her. Aishu says to him that she has nothing to buy. Muthuraj says to her that he didn’t buy anything for her that’s why he asked to her. He asks her to share her wish with him. He will try to fulfill it. Aishu says to him that she has only one wish now. She wants to unite with her mom. She wants to live happily with her. Muthuraj says to her it will happen soon. Aishu says to him that she need both Muthuraj and mom in her life. He assures to her everything will happen soon. He tries to hold her hand and removes it. He apologies to her for touching her in that situation. He says to her that she is not in the mood to celebrate their first night, so let’s celebrate it later. Muthuraj leaves from there.

Maha comes to her room and notices Mayan is sitting sad there. Maha says to him everything is over now. Just forget everything. Mayan says to her that Aishu is like small kid. She don’t know anything about Muthuraj. She fell into his trap. He failed to save her life from him. Maha says to him that he has good heart that’s why he is feeling guilty for her. Mayan says to her that Aishu may has no idea about him but he did. Maha says to him that Aishu took this decision he is not responsible for this.

Mayan deny it reasoning he failed to save her. He adds that he alerted Nachiyar many time but she never give heed to his words. Maha informs to him that Nachiyar felt guilty for not listening to him. Mayan deny it reasoning she is thinking him as her enemy. Maha informs to him that she shares to her that she failed to listen Mayan’s word that’s why she end up in this state. Mayan questions her Is she feeling that Mayan is good person now? Maya asks him to take it in positive way. They are not in good terms from beginning. Now this situation may take his one relation from him. But Nachiyar understood his good intention.

Mayan says to Maha that all are angry on Aishu for marrying secretly. So everyone will avoid her. Mayan asks Maha to talk with Aishu nicely instead of ignoring like others. Maha assures to him that she will take care of it. Mayan adds that Muthuraj will take advantage of this situation to hurt her. He says that Maha wants to watch her out. If she is in trouble then inform to him without hesitation. Maha nods.

Maha asks him to take rest but he didn’t. Maha makes him lay on her lap and patting on him. Chidambaram comes to home in anger. He stares Nachiyar emotional. He calls Muthuraj there in anger. Chidambaram starts beating him in anger. Vadivu and Aishu tries to stop him. But he slaps Vadivu too. He lashes out at Muthuraj for spoiling his name. He scolds him for marrying Aishu secretly. He again beats him. Vadivu asks him to accept them but he announce that he is not his son anymore. Chidambaram says to Aishu that she took wrong decision. Nachiyar leaves from there in tears.

Aishu thinning about Chidambaram’s words and doubts Is she take wrong decision or not? Gayathri comes there and complaints to her that she took wrong decision in her life. Aishu insults her by saying that she has no rights to advise her. Gayathri complaints that she too followed her path. She says to her that Muthuraj is bad one that’s why she eloped from Mandap. Aishu criticise Kathi. She says to her that Kathi may uneducated one but he knows well to behave with others but Muthuraj didn’t.

Aishu challenge her that she will live happily with Muthuraj. Gayathri forewarns her to be careful and leaves. Kathi and. Mayan are discussing with each other. Muthuraj comes there to tease him. Mayan warns him that his last day is not so far. When is Aishu realize the truth that will be his last day.

Episode end.