Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 19th January 2021 Written Update: Gayathri express her feelings to Kathi

Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 19th January 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Nachiyar thinking about Vadivu words. Saranya asking to her why did she sitting silently instead of not sharing her feelings with them. Nachiyar replies to her what will she do then this? Saranya assures to her that she will obey her words whatever she ask her to do? Nachiyar asking to Aishu why did she not saying anything like Saranya? She replies she will listen her words too.

Nachiyar says that everyone are same they are also not less then Gayathri. She trusted her but she back stabbed her. In this case also they will say whatever the bond will be everyone thinking and feelings are different. Aishu says to her its nothing like that but she wish to marry after she achieve something in her life. Maha supports Aishu and says that everyone have different feelings. We fail to understand Gayathri wish.

We might ask Saranya and Aishu decision too. She can understand that Muthuraj name got spoiled for that we can’t take decision in hurry. Now this house problem is going on we might concentrate on it. Let’s decide all later. Nachiyar replies that she felt guilt in Muthuraj state so she will say her decision to Vadivu straightly.

Kathi and Mayan are discussing about Muthuraj request. Kathi says that Muthuraj is shameless creature that’s why he is keep asking someone hand to marry. He is saying to Mayan that he rescued Gayathri from him but what about Aishu? Mayan replies that he has no idea what to do? They are giving new headache to him already he don’t know how to find out the missing jewels and deal with the property issue.

Now this Aishu marriage matter too added in line. Kathi ask him to do something. He replies that only talking is going on here let’s wait till they take decision. Kathi ask him to give company to him to drink. Mayan strictly deny it and warns him to don’t touch the drinks because he is brother in law of him. Kathi replies if he know it he shouldn’t have marry her. Mayan smiles and replies that’s why he didn’t said to him.

Gayathri is sleeping. Kathi enters into the room and turns on the light. Gayathri gets up. He appologize to her for disturbing her sleep. He about to sleep. Gayathri ask him to sleep on bed. He deny it and says that he is comfortable in floor. Gayathri says to him that he trust him. He is staring her confused. Gayathri says to him that Mayan helped her because he is her brother but Kathi helped her its really appreciating one. She likes the way he tries to stop the marriage with Adhavan. He replies he is spoiler brat that’s why. She says that she is feeling protective with him so sleep on bed. He too lay on bed tensed.

Muthuraj is thinking about the incident. Vadivu comes there and asking his decision. He question her why did she choose Aishu for him but he liked Saranya. Vadivu says Saranya is very brilliant she will find out their all secrets but Aishu is different we can rule her and make her listen our words. Muthuraj agree with her.

Episode end.