Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 19th November 2020 Written Update: Maha reveals the truth to Maya

Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 19th November 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Mayi questioning Roja what did she do in temple? They clearly saw her doing the pooja there how comes her mom sit there when his sister saw her? Roja standing there without answering? He ask to her how many years passed after her dad’s death why didn’t they done this Pooja before? Tell the truth orelse he will make this issue big. He is literally threatening her. Maha comes there for her support and ask her to say the truth to them. Rajendran saw her in confuse. Maha dials to Durai to inform him Mayi and his dad threatening Roja so he will kick them out for this? Rajendran signal to Mayi let’s go silent orelse this will create a huge issue here.

Maha walking tensed in her room. Mayan comes there and stands beside her. He question her what’s going on here? Maha tries to manage him by saying nothing but he says to her he will go and ask to Durai and his mom about this. So Maha decides to confess all truth to Mayan without option. She says to him that Roja is pregnant. Mayan shocked to the core he says that Durai is worry for missing first night but this girl is pregnant here. Maha narrates to him that she loved and married Anbu. But unfortunately he died in an accident. Roja needs protection for her kid and Durai need one mom for his childrence. He accepted her wholehearted. Mayan praise Durai decision. Maha compares him with Mayan and says he is worst infront of him. Mayan makes faces. Maha ask to him will he accept her in this state. Mayan replies first of all he won’t allow something should happen like this. Maha glares him and leaves.

Next day they are doing pooja. Mayan and Maha get blessings from elders. Durai ask him to get blessing from Nachiyar he hesitate to do it. But Maha pushed him on her feet so she blessed him. Mayan makes faces. Durai giving Diwali money to all. Its Mayan turn now but he has no money with him. Rathinavelu gives money to him saying here is his money. He too gives money to all including Nachiyar family. They are lighting up the crackers. Mayan romancing with poolMaha using this situation but she is beating him back. Durai teaching to Kalai how to litght up the crackers.

Rajendran and Mayi provoking Muthuraj againat Durai make him remind the incident how did Durai disturbing his moment with Gayathri and insulted him in match. Muthuraj replies to him that he called his friends to come here to finish Durai. Mayan thinking about something in swing. Durai mom comes there and advise him to accept Nachiyar. But he refuse to do it.