Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 1st February 2021 Written Update: Maha is in dilemma

Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 1st February 2021 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Mayan laying on swing Maha sleeping in hall. Kathi comes there taking slow steps without anyone knowledge. Mayan notice him and signal him to comes near him. Kathi thinks he gonna make him pay for everything today night from Maha. Mayan ask Kathi to stay with him. Kathi question him why don’t he take the nuptial chain alone what’s the need to call him here?

Mayan replies he was the one gave this idea to him so he might be include in this mission he don’t wish to caught alone. Kathi says he is his brother in law so give some respect to him doesn’t he ask him to quite smoking, Drinking so he shouldn’t take part in such parts. Mayan deny it. He is going near Maha and about to touch her she starts blabbering in sleep. Mayan gets tensed and takes the nuptial chain out but before removing it from her neck she rolled staright. Mayan feels tempted seeing her he about to kiss her Kathi stops him.

Mayan whisper to Maha so she again rolled he removes the nuptial chain successfully. Kathi informs to him that he forget to tell if they remove nuptial chain something bad will happen to husband. Mayan scold him for not informing him before. He decide to watch her reaction. Mayan don’t know where to hide the chain so he puts it on his neck.

Maha wakes up in morning then go to wash her face. While staring her face she notice her nuptial chain is missing in her neck. She gets tensed and starts to search for it in her mat. She thinks that nuptial chain was in her neck before she went to sleep where it went missing.

Saranya comes there and question her why did she sleeping here? She hesitate to reply. She understand that Gayathri is in her room. Saranya offer her to sleep in her room or take Gayathri room. She replies that they gonna arrange the room soon. Saranya inform to her before meet Lawyer she wanna go to bank. She nods.

Maha searching for the nuptial chain in hall. Nachiyar comes there and question her what is she searching here? Why did she covering herself with veil. She lies to her that she is having alergy in neck that’s why covering it like this. She ask Maha to leave if freely. She again lies its huge so she can’t. Nachiyar says may her gold reacting like this just remove it and apply oinment on there. Maha says its nuptial chain. Nachiyar says she shouldn’t remove it.

Maha thinks what will she do now? She calls to her mom and lies to her that her nuptial chain is about to break shall she change it. She says that Mayan tied it to her so nothing to worry its just a chain don’t think much so she cuts the call. Then she again calls her realizing when her nuptial chain broken her husband falls sick so be careful. Maha gets worried.

Maha comes to garden area thinking about it. Just then Kathi comes there taking Mayan with him. Mayan shouting in pain. Maha enquire him what happened to him he replies that he got chest pain.

Episode end.