Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 1st October 2020 Written Update: Mayan decided to open up with Rathinavelu

Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 1st October 2020 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Mayan thinking deeply about the incidents. Maha comes there and sees him lost in his thoughts. Maha asked him what’s running on his mind? He lies to her as nothing. Maha denies it by saying he is not like before always lost in his own thoughts. He lost his charming personality too.

She complaints to him she feels like he is hiding something from her. He tries to tackle the situation but she says to him she thought he is rich but the situation is different here. Mayan replies to her that his father put a condition in the will. He needs her sign to access all same goes to her too needs his sign.

Maha asks him why did he get money from jewels what’s the need for a huge amount out of the blue. He replies to her nothing just a dealing. Maha says it’s his personality she can’t interfere in it. What’s his next plan to earn money? He only knows rowdyism its not allowed in will then what will he do? Mayan stammers. Maha asks him to accompany her someone must return her money. Mayan keep asking her where did she taking him.

Maha and Mayan reached Surya’s house. His father opened the door for them he invited her in but she deny to go in. She asked him to call Surya. Mayan tries to stop her but went in vain. Surya comes there and shocked to see her there. He invites her to come in she denies it by saying she is not here to spend her time to waste let’s come to the topic.

She asks him to return her money. Surya stares her smirking. Maha says doesn’t he eloped from mandap rejecting her then he should have returned the money she lends to him. That shows real heroism but he was silent all these days. Surya replies he has no money with him he wanna ask his friend for money looking at Mayan.

Mayan tries to stop Maha but she glares him back and asks him to question Surya. Surya replies to her how will he collect 5 lakhs out of the blue without a source. Maha warns him that he must return the money back to her within 4 days or else she will take an action she has all evidence with her that she transferred money to Surya. Maha leaves Surya says to Mayan to arrange the money within 4 days.

Saranya pacing the hall fourth and back frustrated. Aishu asks her to attend the call. Saranya lashes out at her. Aishu replies if she doesn’t receive it she will throw it away. Saranya replies if she has dared do it. Nachiyar comes there and questions them what’s going on here? Aishu replies to her she is angry with Mayan for the recent incidents. Saranya says she handled everything but the power attorney is in his name. Nachiyar made her sit and smiles at her she too smiles back. Saranya complained she likes him than her. She replies nothing like that she actually thinking him as her son but he is not understanding her love for him.

Mayan and Kathi thinking about Surya how will they tackle this situation. Kathi says Surya is a danger we looked down on him. He is moving his plans very cunningly its will end up in a difficult situation to us. Mayan nods in understanding and replies to him he gonna confess all truth to Maha before Surya saying to everyone. Kathi says its not a good idea instead confess to Rathinavelu because he was the only person loving him genuinely. If Maha comes to know the truth he will support him so its a safe plan.

Mayan and Rathinavelu drinking outside Kathi pouring the drinks in the glass for them. He indirectly provoke him to say the truth. Mayan stopping him. Mayan ask to him how much he love him and why didn’t he show angry on him whenever he commit mistakes. He replies he is his sister son so he can’t able to get angry on him. Mayan ask to him what if he cheat him? He replies he won’t do it in dreams too. Mayan felt guilty.