Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 20th January 2021 Written Update: Vadivu has a demand

Nam  Iruvar Namak Iruvar 20th January 2021 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Nachiyar comes to hall and gets surprised to see many crowds are there. Nachiyar asking them why are they here? She notice Chidambaram and Muthuraj are there. She ask to Muthuraj what’s this all? He replies mom is the reason. Saranya and Aishu too comes there. Nachiyar ask to Chidambaram what’s going on here why everyone came here out of the blue. He replies that Vadivu bring them here.

Vadivu comes there and says to Nachiyar she invited them to get one answer today. Nachiyar asking to her she don’t understand anything? Vadivu replies don’t pretend like know anything. She forward the thambulam to her and ask her to receive it and give Aishu hands to her son Muthuraj. Everyone shocked to the core listening it. Nachiyar staring her without answer. Meanwhile Vadivu giving pressure to her to accept it. Nachiyar says to her let’s talk in private what’s the need to bring her relations here? Vadivu says she talked with her about it many time though she didn’t give any proper answer to her that’s why she bring everyone here.

Chidambaram ask Vadivu to stop this drama but she make him shut his mouth. Nachiyar says to her that she needs time to think about it. Vadivu complaints that she is only cared about her daughters not her son. He done everything for this family though she is hesitating to take decision. Chidambaram ask Vadivu to give time to her to think about it. Nachiyar says to Muthuraj that Gayathri engagement broken so she took decision in rush that’s why its end up like that. Now that situation again comes in her life she don’t wanna take any decision in hurry.

Vadivu ask Nachiyar to take her own time to think and leaves to her room and comes back with her luggage. She says to her that she is leaving this house till she gives an answer she won’t return to the house. They tries to stop her. Vadivu complaints that even after she argue with her for Muthuraj. He is not ready to go with her neither son nor husband supporting her.

Nachiyar says to her she had no one in the world then her brother so don’t seperate him from her. Vadivu ask her to give an answer to her then. She replies she need time to think. Chidambaram support Nachiyar so Vadivu gives two days time and leaves from there. Nachiyar thinking about the incident in silent. Aishu comes there and sit with her. She calls her to eat food. She refuse to take it.

Aishu says don’t worry about anything she will take care of everything. Nachiyar ask to her does she understand what’s going on here? Aishu replies she can understand she will solve it. She is ready to marry Muthuraj. She is doing this for her mom she don’t wanna see her crying. Nachiyar hugged her emotionally.

Nachiyar, Aishu and Saranya are eating breakfast. Muthuraj calls Aishu. She attend the call. He ask her to come out he wanna talks with her private. Aishu lies to her mom about the call and leaves to meet him. Muthuraj informs to her that he liked Gayathri a lot but she betrayed him. He wish to see her living happily. But he got angry seeing her with that Kathi. He is disappointed because she got married to him who is good for nothing fellow. Don’t misunderstand him his mom done big drama there nothing to worry he will take care of her. Aishu staring him.

Episode end.