Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 21st January 2021 Written Update: Mayan warns Maha

Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 21st January 2021 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Kathi entering into his room and notice Gayathri there. He ask to him why did she sitting like this. Its very hard to find whether she smiling or not? Because she is resembling her mom in it. Gayathri pout and says to him she is scared about Aishu marriage. Kathi says to her nothing to worry her marriage won’t happen with Muthuraj. Gayathri ask to him how comes he damn sure about this? Kathi replies that he is very unlucky in his marriage topic.

Usually everyone elope before a day from marriage or morning itself but here he was unlucky because there is one minute left to tie the knot his marriage stopped. Only Muthuraj fate written like this. If this marriage to reach in mandap Mayan and Kathi will stop it at any cost.

Gayathri smiles hearing it. He felt relieve. Gayathri ask to him did he eat anything? He replies as yes. Gayathri glares him and inform to him that none cooked today in home. Mayan brought Biriyani for her. Kathi replies Mayan is a great brother that’s why he brought biriyani for her but he forget his brother in law. Gayathri smiles and ask him to eat it. He deny it. Both decides to eat together. Gayathri and Kathi eating it together while cracking jokes.

Chidambaram sitting in frontyard. Nachiyar comes there and enquire him why did he sitting here alone and lost in his thoughts. Chidambaram replies that he don’t like the way Vadivu treating her and giving pressure to take decision in hurry. Nachiyar says to him that she is taking time to think because she don’t wanna humiliate them infront of all like before. She wish to take decision not in rush. Chidambaram says to her that Vadivu turns to devil when it comes to her son matter he can’t able to handle her. Nachiyar says to him that her only wish is to stay with him life long.

Nachiyar and Chidambaram are sitting in hall. Aishu comes there Chidambaram says to her don’t worry leave this matter no need to take tension. Muthuraj and Vadivu comes there. Vadivu ask to Nachiyar did she take her decision the time she gave for her to think is over say her decision asap. Chidambaram shouts on Vadivu for giving pressure to Nachiyar. He ask her to leave from here. Nachiyar stop him and says to Nachiyar that she has no problem with this alliance. She gives an postive nod to her for Muthuraj and Aishu marriage. Everyone turns to happy but Saranya staring them shocked. Vadivu appologize to her for behaving rude to her. Nachiyar forgive her.

Mayan sitting in swing. Maha notice this and about to avoide him. Mayan tease her that she don’t have dare to meet his eyes. Maha gets and argue with him. Mayan lashes out at Maha for supporting Nachiyar in this decision. Maha ask him to don’t poke his head in this matter because Aishu agreed for this marriage. Mayan replies that he has all rights to poke his head in it because even his father will saying it. Whatever happens he will never allow Maha to take wrong decision in her life by saying he leaves.

Episode end.