Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 21st September 2020 Written Update: Maha apologize to Mayan

Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 21st September 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Maha coming out her room and looking around everyone there , she thought to herself will they speak with her or avoide her like before . Saranya notices her and signal to Nachiyar whom cleaning her husband frame. Saranya keeps doing her work in laptop , Gayathri often checking Maha and concentrating on her mobile in the fear her family will scold her if she talks with Maha.

She couldn’t see Maha hesitating to wandering there to start a conversation with everyone there meanwhile Aiswarya came out Maha turns towards her but she ignored her and sits beside Gayathri and starts reading newspaper. Maha nervously walked near Nachiyar she smile to her but Nachiyar ignore her .

 Maha tries to drink water but the bottle is empty Saranya notices this but didn’t helped her out . She inform to Lakshmi to bring coffee to her room and leaves from there . Maha sits beside Gayathri she think to start a conversation with her atlest but someone call her too so leaves . Maha stare her disappointedly .

Saranya , Aiwarya , Gayathri were talking about Maha. Gayathri supporting her by pointing her character and good deeds she done in past. Saranya replies to her if she is good and straight forward why did she end up with that Mayan who came to our life to torture us. Gayathri again supports her reasoning its all happened unexpectedly she has nothing to do with this .

Aiswarya says Maha also money minded that’s why she married Mayan may her father too behind this all . Already they losted half of the share and now she will take remain also. Saranya scold her for always thinking about money. She explain to her she is not worried for money but the rights . Gayathri stops them by asking why should they fight for others.

Mayan come to eat the breakfast and ask to lakshmi what did she cooked ? She replies as Chappathi. He warns her don’t cook this again he ask to her does madam eat something. She replies as yes madam had . He ask to her does his wife Maha madam take something . She nods as no . He ordered to her to ask often does she need something to eat or drink by knocking her door . She nods.

Mayan leaves to his room with juice. But unfortunately Maha is changing her dress she shouts on him in anger , Mayan apologize to her and place the juice beside and ask her to drink it . Mayan laying on hall listening to song . Maha comes there and apologize to him for shouting on him . Its his room but she asked him to go out its wrong. Mayan says its his mistake he should have knocked before coming in . Maha narrates to him she couldn’t adjust here its new to her living with him , she didn’t even think in her dream her life ended with him.

Mayan stare her in guilty. She says she can’t able to forget Surya betrayel and thank him for marrying her for her dad words. She offered him to sleep in her room ..he deny it by saying its her room hereafter  he won’t disturb her. Maha leaves.

Next day three sisters were sitting in dining . Maha comes there they starts to speak with Maha indirectly. Maha says to him they can talk with her straightly . Saranya explain to her they disliked her presence due to Mayan. Aiswarya hurts Maha by asking about her Marriage .