Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 22nd January 2021 Written Update: Nachiyar promise to Vadivu

Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 22nd January 2021 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Gayathri entering into Aishu room to talk with her but she is not giving heed to her. Gayathri says to her she wanna speak with her. Nachiyar notice Gayathri inside Aishu room and listening their conversation. Aishu says to her if she wanna speak with her just go and talk with her mom instead of wasting her time here.

Gayathri saying to her that she took decision in hurry think before do something wrong. Aishu replies she don’t need to worry about anything. Gayathri trying to make her understand the same situation happening in Aishu life which she faced. She has no option left then eloping from mandap or jump down from terrace. Aishu replies she chose eloping to stop the marriage if she was in her place she would have jump off to save the reputation of the family.

Gayathri says to her Muthuraj is wrong one. Aishu replies she don’t care about it all. She trust her mom she is giving her life in her hand to make her happy. If she marry him she will be happy. Aishu added that she can understand Gayathri trying to save her sister life but still she is not thinking about her mom so leave from here. Nachiyar feels happy hearing it. Gayathri leaves from the room.

Mayan and Kathi are in garden area. Muthuraj comes there and trying to make a conversation with them to tease their situation. Kathi says to him its not funny. Don’t try this much hard to entertain them. Muthuraj says to them what will they do next will they kidnap groom or bride this time? Aishu agree to marry him so they will be arrest for kidnapping case. Poor Kathi will get 5 years punishment but Mayan will loss these properties too. Mayan warns him that he can’t do anything against him but Muthuraj challenge him and leaves.

Vadivu taking Nachiyar to frontyard. She is asking her to promise. Nachiyar ask her to say the reason but she deny it. Nachiyar promise to her without option. Vadivu says to her let’s cancel the engagement tomorrow. Nachiyar scold her for changing the decision minute by minute. Vadivu says let’s arrange marriage instead of engagement. Nachiyar says how to arrange marriage in short time. Vadivu says that she can’t able to wait till marriage day so let’s perform it secretly. She ask her to keep it secret. Nachiyar staring her in dilemma.

Gayathri comes near Mayan and Kathi and gives the coffee to them. Seeing her dull face he enquire Kathi what was the reason. She says to him that she fears about Aishu marriage. Kathi says to her he is not enough lucky to marry someone. Mayan assures to her this marriage won’t happen.

Episode end.