Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 22nd October 2020 Written Update: Parvathy humiliating Mayan

Nam  Iruvar Namak Iruvar 22nd October 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Mayan talking with Gayathri bridegroom. His family informing to Mayan that they didn’t ask for anything to him but Rajarathinam whom offered everything to her son to marry Gayathri. He believed his words and quit the job from foreign.

Mayan replies to them nothing to worry he won’t disturb anyone here and will give everything whatever his father offer to him because this marriage is his last wish. He ask to his father he wanna talk to groom in private. They gives privacy to them and leaves. Mayan says to him that Gayathri loves him a lot he is unlike other sisters very calm and sensitive person don’t ever hurt her.

 He assures to him that he won’t hurt her. Mayan warns to him don’t ever ignore her feelings like the way he did to her last time for his parents. He apologize to him and assures to him he will take care of it. Mayan ask to tresure his sister instead of money and property and leaves from there with Kathi.

Mayan reach to Maha house Parvathy cleaning the frontyard notice Mayan there and starts to badmouth on him for coming there. Somepeople has no shame how much we insult them not to come here but come back to house without shame. After committing such mistake how dare can someone enter into this house without guilty. Does he eating food or something else to not understanding anything.

After betraying us he has no shame to enter here?  He trusted him a lot but what he done is back stabbed him though he is not at all worried of it and roaming everywhere wearing good person mask. What’s the need to come here? He replies to her that Rathinavelu called him. She lashed out at him so he left from there. Kasthuri watched it all Parvathy ask her to hide this from him. Kasthuri informed this to Rathinavelu he got angry on Parvathy.

Gayathri soon to be husband and family coming in car suddenly one sumo blocked their way. Groom gets out of the car and ask to them why did they behaving like this? Those goons starts to misbehave with him in threatening way while holding his collar. His mom plead to them to leave him she is ready to give amount to them. They ask to her did they look like thief to her?

They are henchman of Mayan. They are showing mercy on her son for sake of him. How dare they to ask dowry to marry his sister. His dad says to them they didn’t ask anything but he himself offer everything to her son. Goons threaten them to marry Gayathri without getting single penny from them. Groom recording everything in mobile.

Rathinavelu crying infront of Maha thinking about the incident. Maha trying her best to calm him but he is so emotional and break down infront of her and says to her he won’t go back to home. He hate to see his wife face whom not even respecting him and his decisions. Maha convincing him.

 Just then Mayan comes there he hugs him and apologize to him. Mayan ask to Maga what’s the reason? Suddenly he gets chest pain. Mayan rushed to his room and make him take the medicine. Rathinavely says proudly he is his son in law.

Rathinavelu sitting in varand all are standing surround him. Rathinvelu keeps blaming Parvarthy for hurting Mayan always with her harsh words. Whenever he praise Mayan Maha glaring him in the way he don’t deserve his love at all. Mayan ask him to leave the matter but Rathinavelu stand in his words. Parvathy should apologise to Mayan.