Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 23rd February 2021 Written Update: Mayan’s awkward moment

Nam  Iruvar Namak Iruvar 23rd February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Gayathri notices Kathi standing infront of Caravan. He forwards his hand to help Gayathri. She questions him why is he doing like this? Kathi replies to her that he wishes to help her out. Gayathri deny it. Kathi turns his face. Gayathri smirks and pretends like slips her leg. Kathi holds her on correct time. Romantic music plays at the background. Saranya and Aishu are watching them. Kathi teases Gayathri for slipping down.

Gayathri says to him that she falls down intentionally reasoning Kathi is there to hold her. Kathi and Gayathri are talking like this funnily. Gayathri comments to Kathi that he will be single forever. Kathi leaves from there. Gayathri notices that Saranya and Aishu are watching her. She silently cross them. Saranya and Aishu comments to Gayathri that they can’t able to forget a single incident but Someone is very happy in their life. Nothing is affecting her.

Gayathri turns towards them. Saranya again says to Gayathri that all are suffering here to get back the property but she is busy in romancing with Kathi. Aishu adds that Gayathri already left them for her happiness, then how will she understands their pain. Gayathri replies to Aishu and Saranya that she didn’t do anything wrong. Gayathri questions Aishu atleast she may understands how she felt when Muthuraj about to marry her?

Saranya replies to her that Aishu ready to sacrifice her life so don’t compare herself with her. Gayathri replies to her If Aishu sacrifice her marriage or Saranya runs the company in well manners we wouldn’t face this situation today. Gayathri tries to make them understand that Mayan and Kathi trying a lot to protects their prestiage. They are trying in their own way to stop Maasani. Gayathri says to them that she never hates her sisters and leaves. Maha finds the bathroom lock is broken. She asks Saranya to wait outside and goes to take bath. Saranya leaves from there when she gets a phone call.

Mayan going to take bath but Gayathri informs to him that Kathi is taking bath. She asks him to take bath in another caravan. He deny it reasoning everyone will eat him alive. Gayathri says to him that everyone took bath there morning itself. Mayan checks the caravan none is there. He plays the music and opens the door. He starts shouting seeing Maha inside. Kathi and Gayathri come there running. Maha is beating Mayan for seeing her while bathing. Kathi explains to Maha it’s her mistakes. Mayan and Kathi are discussing about next raid pretends like Kerala chettans. They are planning about it. Maasani comes there. He gives a warning to all that he going to kick out everyone from the compound. He gives 3 days time to them. Mayan and Kathi are making fun of them.

Episode end.