Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 25th January 2021 Written Update: Mayan lashes out at Nachiyar

Nam  Iruvar Namak Iruvar 25th January 2021 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Chidambaram question Vadivu what’s this all how could she plan marriage tomorrow? Isn’t she plan to perform engagement for them. Vadivu replies don’t shout just listen everything in silent. She takes this decision to correct Muthuraj life. Chidambaram question her did she thinking Nachiyar will accept her decision? Vadivu replies she agreed to it already nothing will go wrong tomorrow.

Chidambaram question her how did she agree to it? Vadivu replies its not a matter here we wanna finish Muthuraj marriage asap. Chidambaram says its not acceptable because he wish to perform his marriage grandly. Muthuraj says just be happy for him don’t think about others. Chidambaram says that he has status he might perform his marriage grandly he has only son. His relations will mock at him. Vadivu replies that its not possible when Mayan is here that’s why we are planning it secretly.

Chidambaram says that Gayathri don’t like him that’s why she eloped from mandap but Aishu is not like that. Vadivu says that Mayan is not a joke he threaten Muthuraj so we might do this to insult them. Let’s celebrate the function grandly later. Chidambaram feels she is correct so he ask her to give the responsibility to him. She ask him to behave normal she will take care of everything. He nods.

Saranya talking in phone and informs to Maha that its very tough to convince Maasani. Arranging money is not a problem but he is adamant to get this property. One staff comes there from jewelery then ask about Vadivu. He informs to them that he brought nuptial chain for tomorrow marriage. Maha and Saranya informs to him its engagement which gonna happen tomorrow not marriage. He says that they brought this for marriage. Saranya check the nuptial chain. Vadivu comes there and lashes out at the staff for giving it to them. Maha question her why did she buy it? She replies to them she brought it to do some pooja for it. She leaves from there Maha stare her suspiciously.

Aishu friend comes to see her. She is giving her all books to her. Priya advise her to think once again before she taking big decision in her life. Aishu ask her to leave this topic. Nachiyar comes there and send Aishu from there to give measurement to her blouse. Priya says to her that Aishu dreamt to study in abroad but it didn’t happen but atleast she tries to study here and be equal to Saranya but her marriage decision is shocking one to her. Nachiyar thinking about it and says to her she never stops her to do this all. Priya replies she can’t able to understand her at all. Nachiyar thinking about it.

Mayan comes there drinking. Seeing him Nachiyar about to go but he stops her and says that he wanna talk with her. She replies she don’t like to speak with an drunkard. He mocks her and says that she don’t like him but Muthuraj who is drunker and womanizer. He starts to lashes out at her and blames her as failed mother. He remind her that his father gave the responsibilty to him because he don’t trust Nachiyar and Chidambaram that’s why he is not ready to give his daughters to them. Nachiyar starts crying. Maha comes there and scold Mayan. He leaves from there. Nachiyar says to Maha that she can’t able to bear his words how did he blamed her as failed mother. Maha consoling her.

Episode end.