Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 26th January 2021 Written Update: Muthuraj Harasses Gayathri

Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 26th January 2021 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Aishu getting ready for the engagement. Saranya and Maha are helping her. Saranya signal to Maha question her. Maha is asking to Aishu Is she really ok with this alliance? Nachiyar supposed to hear their conversation she stop in her way.

Aishu question them why did they asking this to her now just in 10 minutes everything will be over. Saranya ask her to share her feelings to her still she is in doubt whether she agreed to marry him or not? Aishu replies if she says no what will they do? What can they do for her? Maha standing there helpless without answer. Aishu smiles and says if they don’t prepare themself before questioning her they will stand like them without answer for her questions. Maha says to her that they fail to hear Gayathri wish in her marriage that’s why still they can’t able to reply to her questions. Its still not late to question her so please share her feelings with them. Aishu replies she already said her decision to her mom.

Saranya questioning her give an proper reply to them. Aishu says this marriage will give happiness to her mom and it will solve all the problems in the house. Nachiyar feels emotional. Saranya question her so she don’t like to marry him. Aishu deny it and says she is ok with this marriage. Where is mom. Nachiyar leaves from there. Aishu ask them to leave. Saranya and Maha leaves from there.

Gayathri is lost in her thoughts. Muthuraj comes there and ask to Gayathri why did she standing here. Her sister engagement gonna happen there. Gayathri glares him Muthuraj says don’t worry he will let her in if someone stop her. Gayathri ask him to leave Aishu. Muthuraj says he will marry her and ruin her life to take revenge on Gayathri. He says that Aishu is not so beautiful comparing to Gayathri but he will use her and torture to the hell.

Gayathri ask him to leave her. Muthuraj says that she is his half wife because still he has their photoes on his mobile. Gayathri stare him disgusted. Muthuraj says he will marry her and Gayathri will be his keep. She says to him that he is cruel that she can’t able to see her life end up in misery. He can’t do anything when Saranya and Mom is there. He replies he will torture her silent. He leaves from there.

Gayathri comes to hall along with Mayan and Kathi. He is asking to Mayan this is engagement right then why did he doing homam here? Mayan replies may Muthuraj has some sin so they are trying to take it away by using it. Kathi replies it will create only smoke and never take sin. Vadivu and Chidambaram fears seeing Mahan and Kathi laughing there. Vadivu says nothing to worry they are thinking its just engagement. They are unaware of marriage. Just 10minutes everything will be over.

Mayan and Kathi doubts seeing Nachiyar reaction. Priest ask them to bring Muthuraj and Aishu on mandap. Mayan teasing Muthuraj for wearing groom dress. They settled on mandap. But everyone shocked seeing priest taking nuptial chain to do pooja. Mayan gets angry thinking they planned straightly marriage instead of engagement.

Episode end.