Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 27th January 2021 Written Update: Nachiyar Halt the marriage

Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 27th January 2021 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Priest is chanting the manthras and takes the nuptial chain to do pooja for it. Mayan gets surprised and ask priest to stop it. He enquire him why did he bring nuptial chain for engagement? He replies no one will do homam during engagement its marriage. Mayan gets angry and ask to them how dare they to arrange marriage lying to everyone its engagement. He is asking to Nachiyar what’s going on here? She stays there silent. Mayan ask Aishu to get up from the mandap. Vadivu stops him and says what’s wrong in it to perform marriage now. They gonna be marry together after engagement too so its better to do it today. Mayan scold her for cheating all and ask Aishu to get up from mandap. He threaten priest to stop the marriage. Vadivu says to him that they are not cheating anyone they already informed this to Nachiyar she already agreed to do it. Everyone staring her shocked. Mayan asking her what’s this all? Maha and Saranya too question her the same. She nods as yes. Chidambaram ask his goons to stop Mayan. They comes near him. He kicked on his chest and pushed him down. He warns them to stay in limit.

Mayan ask Aishu to get up from mandap. She didn’t give heed to him but staring Nachiyar. Muthuraj says to Mayan that he stopped his first marriage reasoning Gayathri don’t like to marry him but this time Aishu is ready to marry him. Vadivu ask her to say her opinion. She announce to all that she is ready to marry Muthuraj. Mayan ask her to get up and don’t be an idiot. She again said she likes to marry him. Vadivu ask the priest to start the manthras. They are getting ready to bless the couples. Meanwhile Mayan ask Kathi to give the knife to him he gonna kill him today. Saranya, Maha and Gayathri keep requesting to Nachiyar to stop the marriage. She is standing there quietly. She is remind Aishu friend words how Aishu wish to study further but give up her dreams for Nachiyar. Muthuraj about to tie the knot with Aishu. Rajarathinam photo frame shaken the garland falls down signaling its bad omen. Nachiyar gets strong realization and ask them to stop the marriage. She informs to them that Aishu don’t like him by saying she leaves from there. Kathi and Mayan send everyone out reasoning the marriage is stopped. Vadivu ask Muthuraj to marry her. Mayan warns him if he dare to touch her then he will kill him. Mayan ask Saranya to take Aishu from there. Mayan tease Muthuraj that he is not lucky to marry anyone in this birth.

Gayathri says to Mayan that she is happy now because mom stopped the marriage. He replies her father stopped this marriage showing the frame. Aishu ask to Nachiyar why did she stopped the marriage when she is ready to marry him. She replies she don’t wanna kill her happiness for her selfish motive. Her daughter is important to her then her brother. She gives freedom to her to study further. They shared an group hug. Mayan and Kathi betting will Chidambaram family leave the house or stay there. Vadivu comes there with luggage. She pretend like crying and saying to Rajarathinam photo frame everyone betrayed her. Nachiyar appologize to her but Chidambaram says that she betrayed him he can’t able to forget it by saying he leaves the house with his family.

Episode end.