Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 28th January 2021 Written Update: Gayathri seeks forgiveness

Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 28th January 2021 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Mayan sitting in swing and thinking about the incident he didn’t expect that Nachiyar will give this twist at the end. Maha comes there seeing her he tries to avoide her but she stops him. She question him why did he trying to avoide her? He replies nothing like that. Maha ask to him he is avoiding her because he has no answer for her questions. What’s he gonna say now for Nachiyar act?

Mayan replies she done the same thing what he done to Gayathri. Maha replies both are difference. Nachiyar showed her love but what he done is betrayel. He seperated mom and daughter by his deed. Mayan question her what did she expecting him to do? Maha ask him to appologize to Nachiyar. He ask to her Is she teasing him. Maha says he didn’t done crime but sin so he might seek forgiveness from her. Mayan says that she saved Aishu life but why did she fail to do it with Gayathri. Maha replies he didn’t give time to her instead make her believe he is happy with it.

Mayan replies he done the same with her. Maha replies she just stopped the marriage didn’t give her hands to another one. Mayan replies she saved Aishu life like he saved another one life. Maha question him that he accepted them as his sisters then why don’t her as mom. She added he was not orphan but he made himself like that. She ask him to appologize to her and leaves from there.

Gayathri comes near Nachiyar and says to her she fears something will go wrong but she rescued Aishy life. Nachiyar ask her to leave from there. Gayathri question her what did she done wrong? She also done the same thing but she is showing partiality now. Doesn’t she informed to her that she don’t like to marry him then why didn’t she supported her like the way she did to Aishu. Nachiyar replies you both are different.

She eloped not minding her prestige and insult her infront of all. Its betrayal, but What Aishu done was sacrifice. She is ready to give up her dreams for her happiness so she helped her. She ask her to leave from there Gayathri cries and says she loves her mom accept her and forgive her. She deny it so Gayathri leaves from there.

Mayan and Kathi are talking each other. Flower seller comes there and ask them to buy flower. Mayan deny it but Kathi convince him to help her. Mayan brought flowers and ask Kathi to give it to Gayathri he hesitate. He threaten him to give it so he leaves from there. Mayan ask the flower seller to give the jasmin flower to Maha she too give it to her. She lashes out at Mayan and return the jasmin to him. Kathi dragging his words near Gayathri and gives the flower to her hesitately. Gayathri says to him she is his wife so don’t hesitate to bring flowers to her. Life is unpredictable so live it in a flow.

Episode end.