Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 28th September 2020 Written Update: Saranya’s strategic move

Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 28th September 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Mayan smoking with Kathi, Surya comes there giving shock to them. He ask to him why did he come here? Surya replies to Mayan he likes to see the fear in his face whenever he calls him or come infront of him. He is getting immense pleasure from seeing his horrified face.

Kathi questions him why did he come here after recieved money from Mayan. Surya inform to him he has no rights to question him its his time to play the match with him. He complaints that sacrificed his life for him but Mayan is not coperating with him. Mayan warn him to go from here orelse he can’t assure what will he do next? Kathi stops him. Surya replies in sarcasm way that Mayan tortured him a lot when he was helpless now its his turn.

Mayan ask to him what he wants? Surya replies him to call off the Honeymoon. Mayan shocked to hear this. Surya says he is always watching him so he knew his all moves so call off it. Mayan got angry and about to beat him Kathi stops Mayan. Surya says to him he has no problem if he kills him also because Maha whom gonna suffer from this already groom eloped from Mandap now Mayan will go to prison. Mayan controlls his anger.

Surya says he suffered a lot when he do nothing wrong in his life then why should Mayan be happy in his life after committs such wrong things. If he go with Maha he will go to her house and confess all truth to them then that will be his last travel with Maha. He warn him to atrend the call and leaves.

Mayan comes to his room where Maha packing her things. She complaints that she don’t like to go with him she agreed to go for sake of her father. Mayan says let’s cancel the trip. Maha got angry and says she can’t answer to her father so he must take the responsibility. Mayan sits there sadly , Surya again calls him to threaten him.

Gayathri keeps trying to her would be phone but he ignoring her calls. Aishu and Saranya notice this and tease her. Gayathri says to them that her would be not recieving her calls. Aishu calls him to check it but he recieve it. Saranya calls him to question him he replies as he wanna talk with her more now he was busy so he couldn’t talk with her properly.

Aishu cuts the call by saying she is angry on him. He dials back to Gayathri she forgive him. After they went Gayathri thought did he really busy or ignoring her intentionally .

Saranya calls the auditor to audit the jewels. Nachiyar ask to them why did they doing this again? They replies as accounting is not tally. Saranya gave all jewels to check and ask Lakshmi to inform Maha to bring her father jewels from Mayan locker. Maha bring it to them Saranya ask her to wait.

They shocked to see the jewels in it, Nachiyar thought how comes the jewels are in it he got money from jewellery shop. Auditor inform to them its duplicate jewels not original one. They shocked to hear this.