Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 29th January 2021 Written Update: Maasani evil motive

Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 29th January 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Maasani comes to Nachiyar house and enter inside even after Saranya and Aishu try to stop him. Maha notices him. He sits there and asks Maha to bring water for him. She questions him why did he come here? He complaints that they are not even giving water to him it’s ok but he won’t tell the matter asap. He needs some to take rest. Nachiyar comes there and questions him the same. Maasani replies they got money from him so he has all right to come here.

Nachiyar replies he gave 30 days time to them still they have time to return it so leave from here. Maasani replies he gave time its acceptable but they must pay the interest for the 4 crores rs. Nachiyar question Saranya what’s this all? She replies their account is frozen that’s why. Maasani teases them that marriage stopped in middle, Daughter eloped in this tension she forget about it. Maha replies he can get money but he is expecting this house in a return it’s totally unfair. Maasani replies what they did to Vadivu is also unfair. When he came here that Mayan insult him but he will show the reaction to them only. It’s good to see his enemy is suffering. He gives three days’ time and leaves from there. Nachiyar asks Maha to hide this from Mayan.

Mayan question Gayathri why didn’t she informed him when he came here he would have dealt with him. Gayathri replies that she doesn’t wish to see him suffer again. He asks her for what purpose he came here she replies she doesn’t know. Mayan wish to provoke Saranya and Aishu to get the reason but Kathi denies it. Mayan assures Gayathri nothing will go wrong he will save this house. She replies that she is believing him. Mayan says to Kathi she is trusting him that’s enough for him. He is going from here after this mess. Kathi asks him to live with Maha he denies it. Kathi gives an idea to him to check Maha’s feelings on him.

Mayan offers help to Nachiyar but she refuses to accept his help reasoning she stops trusting him. She will take care of her own problem. Nachiyar calling Aishu but Maha comes there she enquire her what’s the matter? She replies that her neck is paining. Maha helping her to give a message to her. Nachiyar says that she expected Mayan will be a son to him but it didn’t happen. At least she gets one daughter in law. Maha replies she is here only for her. Saranya comes there Nachiyar asks her about cash she assures her she will take care of it. Maha says to her she will support her.

Episode end.