Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 2nd February 2021 Written Update:  Gayathri express her feelings.

Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 2nd February 2021 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Maha coming to garden listening FM. She hears someone saying about nuptial chain. If someone loss the nuptial chain it will affect their husband income or health. Maha gets tensed just then Mayan and Kathi comes there shouting. Maha attention turns towards him. Kathi informs to Maha that Mayan got chest pain. She got tensed and question him what happened to him? He replies he is saying his heart aching from morning itself. Maha scold Kathi for not taking him to hospital instead of bringing him here. She about to call the ambulance. Kathi stops her and says its not serious matter. Maha scold him and says he is not a doctor to say this all. Kathi says to her that he ate bucket chicken biriyani that’s why he got gas problem. She question him how is this possible. Kathi lies to her that he ask him to drink soda its aching his heart. Maha scold him. Mayan pretend like he is in pain. Maha concerned for him. Nuptial chain comes out of his shirt. Kathi alert Mayan so he hides it again. Maha helping him to pat his back. He says to her he got relieved from pain. So Maha goes in. Kathi says to him that she is loving him a lot. Mayan got happy and wish to see her concern on him again.

Saranya dials to the Murugeshan. Who is drinking in his guest house. He attend her call. Saranya ask to him about the property matter. He informs to her that Maasani is adamant to get back her propety so he is helpless here. Saranya ask him to help her. He replies if she comes to his guest house he can talk with her about it. Saranya question him why should she come there? He replies its safe place orelse Maasani will smell it. She nods. He smirks.

Maha sitting in hall thinking about the nuptial chain. Kathi comes there she enquired him about Mayan whereabouts? He replies to her that he went to workshop to repair the break of his jeep. Maha scold him for sending him in Jeep. Kathi says that they are experienced to drive this all. Kathi got a call and he pretend like shocked and giving some hint to Maha that Mayan jeep met with an accident. Maha starts to cry hearing it. Mayan touch her Maha turns to happy seeing him and question him in concerned way. He replies to her that nothing happened to him. Maha beaten Kathi and Mayan for making her tensed and left. Mayan scold him too.

Gayathri is staring her nuptial chain. Kathi comes there and says to her she can change the nuptial chain if she don’t like the design. She replies its not supposed to remove. He replies its just a chain why did she showing this much sentiment. Gayathri question him if its just a chain why did he get angry on Muthuraj when he tries to remove it from her neck. Why did he didn’t allow him to tie it on her neck. Gayathri clears to him that she accepted Kathi as her husband and leaves from there.

Episode end.