Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 2nd November 2020 Written Update: Mayan teasing Maha

Nam  Iruvar Namak Iruvar 2nd November 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Muthuraj asking to Gayathri where is she going? Mayan and Kathi staring him in doubt but Aishwarya and Saranya in what’s he gonna do next reaction? Gayathri replies to him that she is going to Temple. Muthuraj says to her that he will drop her in Temple let’s go together. Mayan and Kathi stare each other smirking.

Gayathri has no intrest to join with him she hesitate to reply to him. Meanwhile Nachiyar, Saranya and Aishwarya staring her in teasing way. Muthuraj asking permission to Nachiyar she says to him he has all rights to take her with him. Kathi says to Mayan that her family is ready to send her with this spoiler brat nothing to say. Muthuraj ask to Gayathri which temple she is going to visit? Mayan and Kathi speaks loudly that they are going to Lord Murugan temple.

 Kathi chants Haro Haro… muthuraj ku Haro haro. Kathi added not only they gonna chant Haro haro there but will help all bhakthan while giving water and food. Muthraj got irrittated and says to Gayathri we don’t need to go to Temple let’s go to coffee shop together. Gayathri hesitate to reply. Mayan says to Kathi we can also go to Coffee shop let’s cancel temple plan. Let’s talk like hell there while drinking coffee we must make sure none drinking coffee there with their talk.

 Muthuraj got frustrated and says to Gayathri let’s go to Coffee shop another one day by saying he leaves from there. Mayan and Kathi smiles together. Frustrated Saranya shouts on Mayan how dare him to tease Muthuraj? Mayan ask her to lower her voice. But Saranya didn’t listen to him keep shouting on him for ruining Muthuraj plan. Mayan raise his hand to beat her and stopped. He ask to her to understand her sister mind then shout on him.

 Saranya replies back to him that they knew what is good to her then him so stop pretending like good to her.  Mayan says to her that’s why everyone fixed her marriage with that Muthuraj? None understand Gayathri here look at her eyes you will understand what she need in real then shout on him by saying this he left.

Saranya and Aishu sitting beside Gayathri and asking to her is it true whatever he said before? Gayathri stays silent there. Saranya ask to her to open up don’t hesitate to talk with them. Gayathri informs to her that she don’t like Muthuraj at all she still like that Aadhavan. Saranya replies to her that Adhavan is good for nothing fellow he backed off from marriage hurting you comparing to him Muthuraj is far better then him.

Saranya advise to her to don’t be confuse by his words? He ask to her Did he assured to her in Adhavan matters? She nods as yes. Saranya says to her already her mom was humiliated because of him not again so let’s say this to mom she will search an good groom to her. Gayathri stopped her and assures to her that she will marry Muthuraj.

Rathinavelu waiting for Auto. Mayan and Kathi comes there in bike they stopped it seeing him. Rathinavelu ask to him where is he going? He replies to him as home. Rathinavelu scold him that he is going to home in empty hand. He give cash to Kathi and ask him to buy some things. As he told Kathi bring the things to Rathinavelu. Mayan tease him seeing Jasmin and Halwa. He ask him to give this to Maha.

Mayan deny it but he forced him to do it. He drove to home. Maha is sitting in garden reading book. Kathi tease him that his queen is sitting in garden to receive this jasmin flower.

Mayan hesitate to go. Kathi encourage him to give it. He is getting ready to record the scene of them. Mayan ask to him is he a joke to him? Kathi replies to him if he post this scene on social media it will be viral by saying he push him near her. Mayan starts to whistle Maalai neram malli poo malli poo song near her.

Maha glare him. Kathi signaled Maha to look at his hand he is hiding something from her. She ask to him what was that? He shows it to him. Maha gets angry and ask to him doesn’t he have shame to give this to her? After he done this much to her ?

He ask her to give space to reply her but she is keep scolding him he says to her that her father whom asked him to give this to her? Maha threw that halwa on Kathi he caught it. Both ran from there. Maha placed the Jasmin flower as garland to his father frame. Nachiyar turns happy seeing it.

Maha cooked Pongal Nachiyar liked that taste. Aishu and Saranya too liked it when Saranya ask to lakshmi whom cooked it. Nachiyar lied to her she done it. Saranya ask Nachiyar to cook pongal daily. At night Mayan singing in his bed. Maha comes there and ask to her why did he sitting here? He replies to her he gonna stay in this room hereafter because Nachiyar already got doubt on them for sleeping outside.

 Maha ask him to lay down she wanna sleep on bed. Mayan replies to her his father gave all property on his name but she is not allowing him to enjoy it including his bed so he won’t sacrifice his bed. Maha lay on mat. Mayan sang loudly to disturb her. She shouts on him and says after done this much he can lay on bed shamelessy why don’t she. She build an bridge between the bed and warns him don’t dare to cross it. Mayan pouts.