Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 2nd October 2020 Written Update: Saranya financial problem

Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 2nd October 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Mayan asking to Rathinavelu why didn’t he scold him whenever he commits mistakes even he never shows his anger on him. He replies to him he is his sister son how will he shows his anger to him , he likes him a lot he is seeing his sister in him. Mayan ask to him if he cheat him in any situation will he forgive him?

He replies to him Mayan can’t cheat him and he never tries to betray him in his dream too. Mayan feels guilty for betraying him and starts to cry holding his hand. Rathinavelu ask to him why did he crying? He says he done wrong thing so he must forgive him. He couldn’t understand anything.

Kathi says he cheated him so he needs his forgiveness. Mayan says to him beat him, slap him get angry on him why he can able to kill him for his mistakes but don’t ignore or stop talking with him he pleads to him. Rathinavelu says doesn’t he trust him then says he forgived him now say the matter. Mayan ask him to promise him. He agreed. Mayan says he cheated him on Maha marriage day suddenly his mobile rang , Mayan ask to ignore it.

Kathi says its from Maha so Rathinavelu ask him to attend the call. Maha question him why did he went to meet her dad? She ordered to him to reach home in 5 minutes orelse she will come there. Rathinavelu advise him to go back but Mayan insisted to say the truth to him. Rathunavelu refuce to hear it and ask Kathi to take him to home.

Maha asking to Mayan why did he meet her father and provoke him to drink with him. Mayan replies to her he has no intention to provoke him he just dropped by there to meet him casually. Maha complaints to him what’s the need to meet him alone. He replies to her that he used to meet him alone always.

Maha explained to him its different now because he got married so they must go together orelse he will be disappointed. If he drinks he starts to blabber in drinking effect what if he blabbers to him about the current state of them that they are not living happily together it will disappoint him. She married him for sake of her dad word so she don’t wanna see her father broken. So don’t ever drink with him either meet him nor say anything to him which hurting him. She leaves from there.

Next day Nachiyar is arranging food infront of her husband photo frame for Purattasi Amavaasai. Saranya and Aishu comes there and says to her they wanna leave for urgent work but Nachiyar request to them to leave after pooja. They deny it and leaves. Nachiyar complaints to Gayathri Mayan wanna do it but he is adamant and her daughters have no time to do pooja.

She leaves to take flowers for pooja. Mayan comes there to eat. Gayathri inform him about pooja she thinks to add Mayan to do the pooja. She pretend like match box not working he helped her lighting it. Nachiyar felt happy seeing it. He leaves to eat non veg.

Saranya met the general manager and discussing about the loan her father got from bank. Its an huge anount he pressures her to repay the amount orelse they will take action. Saranya ask time to them. He ask her to pay the interest atleast she agrees and leaves. Here Nachiyar is speaking with her daughters Saranya reach there tiredly , Aishu ask her to stop and speak with them she deny it by saying she has work to do.

Nachiyar advise her to maintain the business well as per her father wish and make him proud. Don’t do anything which spoiling his name ever. He wanna shine like before so keep his name high. Saranya nods and thought how to repay the loan which is huge amount.