Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 3rd February 2021 Written Update: Maha slap Mayan

Nam  Iruvar Namak Iruvar 3rd February 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Maha enters into kitchen and searching for something. Nachiyar comes there and doubts what is she searching for here? Maha takes the turmeric from the cupboard and staring it hesitately. Nachiyar question Maha what is she doing here in this time? She stammers then shows the turmeric to her. She ask to her why did she searching for it? She replies that she wanna apply it in her alergic place.

Nachiyar replies its not supposed to use but bathing turmeric is best for alergic. Maha stands there hesitate. Nachiyar ask to her did she hiding anything from her because her face is saying something else to her. Maha deny it but Nachiyar finds the nuptial rope in her hand. She question her about what’s all say the truth to her. Maha informs to her that she losted her nuptial chain. Nachiyar gets the shocked hearing it. Maha replies to her that she don’t have feelings on Mayan but though her heart aching when it went missing.

Her mom asked her to tie this rope on her neck infront of god. Nachiyar replies if she ask her also this will be her reply but why don’t she ask Mayan to tie it on her neck again. She deny it. Nachiyar said may Mayan is not fabourite to us but its hurt us if something bad happen to him. Maha replies he cheated her so she don’t wanna bend her head for him. She replies its her decision and leaves.

Maha holding the rope and thinks that she don’t love him but she wish nothing bad happen to him by saying she about to tie it around her neck Mayan throw flowers on her. Maha stare him. He tease her that she is marrying to herself when he is here. She glares him. He ask her to say the matter she deny it. He threaten her if she don’t say he will call her father. She informs to him that her nuptial chain went missing. Mayan pretend like shock and teasing her.

Maha ignore him and about to tie the knot Mayan throw garland on her. She gets angry on him and about to throw it away he alert her that nuptial chain is in it. He informs to her that he wish to see her love on him by hiding it he learnt how much she care for him. He slap him and warns him don’t dare to play with it. Mayan smiles.

Maha arranging the mat to sleep. Mayan comes there and put the mat near her to sleep. She scold him and ask him to sleep somewhere else. She gets call from her Assisstant. Head master. She cuts it often. Mayan question her who is calling her on this time? She replies its ass. HM he is flirting with her and often calling her by saying she left. Mayan smirks.

Maha comes back and check her phone. Mayan informs to her nothing to be scare he won’t call her again he warned him. Maha staring him in confusion. He ask her to check her whatsp status. She shocked to see his pic on it posing with knife. He says it will help her to get free from those flirters. Maha sigh.

Saranya reach to Murugeshan guest house and fears why did he closing the door. She start a conversation with him. His servant starts recording it in mobile.

Episode end.