Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 3rd June 2021 Written Update: Maha, Mayan spends quality time with each other

Nam iruvar montage now
Nam iruvar montage now

Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 3rd June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rathinavelu questions Parvathy where did they went? Parvathy informs to him that they went to hospital. Rathinavelu questions them doesn’t Maha went alone when did she followed her? Parvathy tells a proverb to them and leaves. Rathinavelu questions Maha what’s she thinking? She hesitates to talk with him. Maha questions Rathinavelu Is he happy?

Rathinavelu informs to her that her happiness is matter to him. Maha question him Is he angry on her for hiding the truth? Rathinavelu says to her that he is feeling Proud of her thinking about her sacrifice for him. Maha questions him why is he angry on Mayan this much for this incident? Rathinavelu says if he stabbed him then he would have forgive him thinking he is his son in law. He know well Maha is his everything though he betrayed him and Maha.

Everyone used to comment Mayan is a rowdy on that time he supported him. Maha says that he is talking like this after learn the truth or else he wouldn’t talk like this. Maha questions him what if he didn’t know the truth. He says her life end up in misery and he may loss the chance to correct her life.

Maha tells to her father there is many bad peoples around them then Mayan. Rathinavelu complaints he is not a bad one but cheater. Maha questions him what if she accepts this life and live with it. Rathinavelu says he won’t allow her to live in this life after learnt the truth. Maha questions him what if she forgive and accept him.

Rathinavelu questions her how will. She forgive him? If she live with him and gives birth to his baby then he will kill himself. If she accept a betrayer in her life then he won’t be alive. Maha asks him to stop worrying. Rathinavelu questions her what if he died on that Mandap will she forgive him? She nods negatively. Rathinavelu says clearly that he won’t forgive him.

Maya hugs Mayan. He is smiling like hell. Maha informs to him that Rathinavelu is not allowing him to enter inside the house. Her mom trying to send her foreign. He is enjoying here. Mayan says let’s their wishes comes true. Maha complaints that he got fed up with her that’s why he is talking like this.

Mayan says to her that he has some intention behind it. Maha complaints he is rich so he can get another girl. Mayan says to her that he likes this life. We are loving each other now. He used to love her one side now its turned to be two side. May be court says they are not husband and wife but they can be a lovers. Let’s love each other and marry again. If her father oppose their love then let’s elope and marry again.

Maha teases him and says its a good idea. Maha informs to him that he can’t able to love her like this because one villain is coming in their life. Maha teases him that he is a tube light that’s why he is not understanding anything. Mayan asks her to give some clue to him. Maha informs to him she will share it to him when time comes. Mayan asks her to say the truth. Maha says to him he is not allowing her to spend time with him.

Mayan asks her to say I Love you to him. She deny it reasoning she will say it to him when time comes. Maha questions Mayan what if their baby bored in next year what name he will keep to baby. Will he keep her father name to baby? Mayan deny it reasoning he took sign in divorce paper. Both are talking each other funnily about their baby. Maha opens up with him. Maha asks him to allow her to sleep in his lap. He nods. Mayan sings for her and patting her shoulder. Maha feels immense pleasure inside her. Muthuraj enters inside his room and questions Aishu why is she sitting like this?

Aishu talking with Muthuraj in teasing way. Muthuraj asks her to give respect to him. Aishu questions him why is taking everything in wrong way? Muthuraj opens the Almira and takes something secretly. Aishu doubts what’s going on?

Episode end.