Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 3rd November 2020 Written Update: Mayan find out Adhan real feeling on Gayathri

Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 3rd November 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Maha saying to Mayan that if he can able to sleep on bed after committing all mistakes without shame then why should she hesitate to lay on bed when she is not at all wrong in anything. Mayan nods as correct. She dashed him with pillow and ask him to move little. He moved a little.

Maha placed mat inbetween them as bridge and warned him don’t dare to cross this border orelse she will kill him. Mayan replies to her that she can trust him in this matter he is so innocent in ladies matter. Maha glared him. He warned her that may his leg or hand will fall on her while sleeping its his usual habit.

Maha says to him if it cross the border she won’t hesitate to kill him. Mayan complaints to her he is not doing anything intentionally actually she will also role in sleep what she gonna do for that. Don’t worry about it he don’t mind such things and never complaint to her she can put her hand and leg on him while sleeping.

Maha glared him. Mayan added he likes the way she is sleeping hiding her face with elbow. But actually its so cute to watching the way she is blabbering at nights its hard to controll himself from staring her. Maha turns her face and starts to sleep. Mayan singing loudly to disturb her sleep Maha closed her ears and sleep. Mayan thinks first step done successfully.

At temple Adhavan sitting near pool one random guy comes there and ask to him to share something about his ex. Fiancee Gayathri because he gonna marry her. When he enquired about her he heard some bad thing about her she is characterless girl something like that what is his opinion about her. He slapped him for badmouthing Gayathri and scold him.

He explain to him Gayathri is very nice girl she is down to earth personality never dare to speak to gents how dare him to badmouth about her. Everyone must die to marry her. Mayan clapps hearing it. He says to him he send that guy to find out his true feeling on Gayathri. He ask to him did he still love her? He nods yes. Mayan question him then why did he called off the engagement when someone threaten him by using his name? He says to him he realised his mistakes. He ask to him to marry Gayathri facing all problem.

Nachiyar calls Saranya to check the invitation. She says to Chidambaram invitation is looking nice. Vadivu ask to Gayathri how is the invitation. He hesitate to reply them. Mayan comes there and comment there invitation is good but the groom name is wrong in it. Chidambaram ask to him then which name is correct. He replies to him is as Adhavan.

Kathi bring Adhavan there. He apologise to everyone and assures them that he will marry Gayathri at any cost and will take care of her well. Mayan feels happy hearing it. Chidambaram indirectly provoke her to stop it. Nachiyar gives invitation to Adhavan and inform to him attend the wedding. He leaves from there disappointed.

Rathinavelu comes to meet Maha and inform to her that he wish to perform Thaali korukkum function to her. Maha deny it. But Kathi emotionally locks Maha point out Rathinavelu health state. She replies to him no one gonna hear her wish just do it then. Rathinavelu says to Mayan that he wanna buy 10 sovereign jewels to Maha. He makes faces because he is lack of money. Rathinavelu bring money to him. At night Mayan showing chain to Maha she is lashing out at him but Mayan making fun of her and ask her to check the jewels because she gonna wear it lifelong.