Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 3rd October 2020 Written Update: Mayan dealing with Masani

Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 3rd October 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Gayathri friend reauesting to her to ask help to Mayan to find out her scooty like the way he helped her finding her scooty. Gayathri says now situation is different he and her family is not in a good term. Aishu says he will ask 5000 rs as fees to find it. Her friend replies that scooty is new one and its cost 1lakh so she is ready to give 10000 to him.

Kathi is coming there Aishu noticed it and says she will solve this by saying she mentioned him as sir. He stare them smiling. Aishu ask a small help to him he agreed to do it for free for them. He talked with his friends and collected the information about the missing scooty he got the name whom stoled it. He called to that person and says to him his uncle daughter scooty is missing so return it back. Gayathri got angry listening it and ask to him who is his uncle?

Kathi ask her to quiet orelse they won’t give the scooty. He somehow convince the person and ask her friend to collect it giving 5000 to flower seller she thank him and leave. Mayan came there and ask to him what’s going on here. Kathi and Mayan go to Maasani house to buy some money for loan.

Mayan reassures to Kathi Is he help him? Kathi assures him. Masani comes there and introduced Veerabhagu to him. He enquired to him for what purpose he come to meet him this far. Mayan asked one help to him. He ask him to give 5lakh to him. Veerabhagu mocks him that he is rich now then why did he asking money to them. Kathi narrate the situation to him and says once the problem is over they will return the money. He ask Veerabhagu to bring the money and assures to Mayan he can ask money to him anytime he is ready to give it to him for return he ask him to sign in the empty stamp paper. Mayan and Kathi stares each other and understands he is planning something else and escaped from there.

Surya buying things from department stores he accidently he met Parvathy there and tries to avoide her but she stopped him and question him why did he done like that? If he don’t like her he should have reject her before itself why did he dragged it till mandap. She saw many marriage stopped for dowry, fights, and rejecting for love affairs but he eloped from there not even saying his problem. Surya tries to reasoned someone is behind it all he done everything for circumstances. Parvathy blames him he should have face it instead of eloping. Surya says to her one day truth will be revealed on that day they will understand him. He calls to Mayan and says to Parvathy he is the reason for the situation. Parvathy cursed him that he can’t be happy life long. Mayan ask to Surya what did he want? Why did he doing this all he can’t able to allow him doing this again. Surya ask him to give money to him. Mayan replies to him he won’t give money to him whenever he threaten him. He replies to him then let’s meet with Maha

Surya reached the school he is talking with her , Mayan reach there tensed, he ask to Maha what happened ? Maha replies to him that he is trying to cheat her not returning the money. Surya says its not cheating if wish to cheat her he might hide himself he asked money to his friend but he is not responding to him he says staring Mayan. He moves little far and calls the friend but Mayan mobile rang.