Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 4th February 2021 Written Update: Maasani’s evil move

Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 4th February 2021 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Narayanan ask his henchman to buy apple juice for Saranya and send him from there. He ask her to talk. Saranya says to him that Maasani is creating problem with her. He pretend like didn’t hear anything. He ask her to sit beside him so Saranya sit there and continue her conversation that Maasani is torturing them.

Narayan says that Maasani is like that only his intention is to make them suffer and get the properties on his name. Saranya says to him then why did he give that to him dealing is inbetween them. She will repay the money to him soon. He replies money is not a important here but love by saying he starts to approach her.

Saranya gets up and warns him to stay away from her. She says that she respected him because he is her father friend but she has no idea that he has bad intention. He replies he was talking about it from the begining but she acted like innocent. He starts misbehaving with her she pushed him away before he fall Mayan kicks on his chest he fall down. He question him who is he? He ask Saranya to say it. She replies as her brother. He calls his henchman but Mayan replies he already finished him.

Mayan starts to beat Narayan for misbehaving with her. He warns him to don’t eye on any woman. Kathi notice he was recording all in mobile. He starts to beat him again for it and ask Kathi to send this to his wife. He appologize to him. Mayan again warns him and takes Saranya from there. He thinks he will show who is him to Mayan. Here Mayan scolding Saranya for coming here alone and fell into his trap. He question her Is this what she learnt in london to sign in empty papers and go to guest house unaware of their intention.

Saranya replies she won’t accept him for this all. Mayan scold her that she knew only to show this anger on him but not others. He warns her to take someone with her while going to meet someone like this. He ask her to hide this from all. Saranya leaves from there. Kathi says even after helping her she is not appreciating him.

Kathi searching for his dirty dresses. Gayathri gives his well ironed shirts to him. He question her did she washed it for him? She nods. He ask to her why did she washed it for him he can wash it alone what’s the need to strain her hands for him. She replies that she washed it in washing machine. She says to him that his way of dressing is not impressive she don’t like it all. He replies that he is comfortable in it. None gives bad comment about his dressing yet. Gayathri replies that they don’t cared about him that’s why. He smiles.

Saranya car stopped seeing the crowd there was an accident so she helped the guy to admit in hospital in her car. Mayan and Kathi comes there and enquire to crowd. They praised Saranya deeds. Mayan feels proud of her. He says she may looks rough and tough but her heart is soft. Maasani comes to Nachiyar house. She question him why did he coming here often? He ask her to call Maha. She comes there.

Episode end.