Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 4th November 2020 Written Update: Maha nuptial chain went missing

Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 4th November 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Nachiyar, Saranya and Aishwarya taking breakfast in dining table. Maha joined with them. Saranya informs to Nachiyar that she gonna do white wash to our house. Maha stare her disappointed. Saranya informs to her she asked the workers to finish white washing in two days.

Nachiyar ask to her why did she arranged this all out of the blue? She didn’t even give hint to her. Saranya replies to her that many thing happening here without our knowledge so its not something to inform before itself? Aishwarya informs to her that her friends gonna come here to attend the party what will she do if white washing take place on that time.

Saranya replies to her she can conduct it on Garden because house should be empty for white washing. Aishu added that Chidambaram politics field friends also coming here to attend the meeting. She ask him to conduct it on terrace. Maha feels sad hearing it. Nachiyar stare them and said to her no need to do white wash to the house now. Let’s do it after Margazhi.

 Saranya deny it but Nachiyar stand in her point and ordered Aishwarya to conduct her party outside. Saranya says what about Chidambaram? She replies she will talk with him so she has nothing to worry about it. Saranya tries to convince her but Nachiyar stops her and says she studied in foreign so behave like that.

Now finish the food quickly and go to office. She ask Aishu to go and meet her friend asap. They washed their hands in plate and leaves frustrated. Nachiyar says to lakshmi on that day Gayathri and Nachiyar will be in home so nothing to worry they can do the function without any problem. Maha stare her smiling and thank her.

In function Maha sitting in centre wearing garland. Her family is surrounded her. Priest doing pooja and chanting mantras. Priest ask Kasthuri to bring Mayan there. She goes and brought him there. Mayan blushing like new groom. Kathi commented he is blushing like girl. Parvathy disliked this function. Priest ask him to site beside her. He sits beside Maha. He ask Rathinavelu to wear Garland to him.

Rathinavelu puts garland on Mayan. Priest ask Mayan to place Vermillion and sandal on her temple. He done it embracing her closely. Maha glares him. He asked Parvathy to tie the new nuptial rope in her neck. She tied it on her neck and removed the old one. Priest ask her to tie the nuptial chain now. Parvathy informs to all nuptial chain is missing.

They gets shocked and searching for it. Mayan ask Priest to check there he replies to him its not here. Mayan ask Kathi to check in almira he goes to check it. Parvathy says to Rathinam let’s do it in her chain. Rathinam stops her and says he wish to do it in his own chain. He ask to Mayan did he really brought it? He assures to him he brought it yesterday even Maha saw it. They all doubt where it went?

Rathinam informs them he will go and buy new one. Nachiyar stop him and give one chain to him. He deny to receive it. She informs to him its Mayan mom’s nuptial chain. Rathinam feels emotional and ask Mayan to get it from her. He recieve it. Parvathy tied it on Maha neck.

Parvathy is in garden crying. Maha ask to her why did she done like that? Parvathy tries to deny it but Maha find out the truth. Maha says to her we are doing this all for papa sake so let’s tolerate him for few days. Nachiyar sees them crying hugging each other. She doubts something is going with them.

Maha is in garden Mayan comes there and feels happy seeing her wearing his mom nuptial chain. Maha replies to him don’t be happy she will return it to him soon. Mayan says to her he was not in a mood to marry on that day in guilt but today he was very happy. Maha replies to him that she is not at all happy because of him. She is bearing it all for her dad. Mayan ask her to take selfi together she deny it so he seek Rathinavelu help to do it.