Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 5th February 2021 Written Update: Nachiyar blames Mayan

Nam  Iruvar Namak Iruvar 5th February 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Maasani ask Nachiyar to call Maha lakshmi. But Saranya comes there so he tease him that he called for Maha lakshmi but Brave lakshmi came here. Just then Maha rushes towards him hearing his noise. He tease her that didn’t she challenge him that he can’t able to pluck grass too from this house now he wanna see her face reaction after she witness what gonna happen here? Maha question him why did he talking like this?

What did he need? Doesn’t they inform to him they will pay the amount in the due time. What’s the need to come here often? Maasani replies he might come here because none give importants to his words. Doesn’t he ask them to pay the interest in three days but they didn’t that’s why he brought the govn. Officers here. He called them and give the legal notice to Maha. He ask her to read it.

Maha reads it and get shocked. She informs to Nachiyar that court send legal notice to them. Till they pay the full amount to them court will seal the house. Everyone got shocked and says its unfair. Maha says to the officers they didn’t send notice to them. He replies they send it 10 days before they have the copy of it.

Maha replies to him that they didn’t get any notice in their name. Maasani smirks. Maha notice it and says to Nachiyar that he intentionally doing it all to kick then out of the house. Saranya ask Maasani to give some more time to her. Maasani replies he won’t. He ask his henchmans to throw out their things and seal the house. Nachiyar deny it and says she won’t allow them to do it. Its her house she won’t go anywhere. They pushes them away.

Maasani notice the photo frame there and ask them to throw them away. They throw down the Rajarathinam photo. Nachiyar starts to cry along with her daughters seeing it. Maasani lock the house and seal it. He smirks and takes their car with him as interest. Maha ask Nachiyar to go with her. She refuse to go reasoning its her house she won’t go. Aishu says she will call Chidambaram but Nachiyar deny it. She says to them strictly her dead body only leave this place. Saranya gets emotional. Maha fears that Maasani will throw them out of the campus too. She explains to her its not in her dad name. Mayan comes there and learns all truth from Gayathri.

Mayan question Maha what did they done didn’t he ask to them what did Maasani said to them? Saranya says she will deal with it. He replies its his father house too so he will poke his head. He ask Kathi to arrange the place to stay. Nachiyar deny it and blaming Mayan for everything. Because of him she is in this state today. Mayan stares her emotionally.

Episode end.