Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 5th May 2021 Written Update: Mayan stop Kathi at right time.

Nam iruvar montage now
Nam iruvar montage now

Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 5th May 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Aishu brings Muthuraj shoe there. He asks her to clean his shoe. Aishu leaves from there. Muthuraj says strictly to her as a wife she want to do all work for her husband. Nachiyar staring it all with heavy heart. Aishu cleans his shoe without saying anything. Aishu glares him. Muthuraj places his leg on sofa and asks Aishu to make him wear the shoe. Why don’t she do it to him? Will her dad come to do this service to him? Nachiyar gets angry after hearing it. Madhouse leaves from there not able to see this all. Muthuraj says to Aishu that today scene is over by saying he leaves from there.

Kathi notices this all from behind. Nachiyar is crying thinking about Muthuraj behaviours. Saranya comes to her room and notices her crying there. She enquires to her what happened? She says to her as nothing. Saranya says to her she will correct it. Madhouse complaints that she can’t able to correct it. Aishu ruined her life by herself. Muthuraj is torturing Aishu to the core. Her dad likes Aishu alot he never allows her to do any job in this house. Saranya can’t able to believe it. Nachiyar says that Muthuraj is treating her badly. He doesn’t know her care on him, if he know it then he would have turned out to be a better person.

She beats everything for her brother. She wishes to arrange her marriage with her. If he respect her family then he would have wait till she give a nod but he eloped with her. When Aishu married to him she fears how will her life end with him? Vadivu has never give up quality. Even Murhuraj has that habit. When he is treating her badly she can’t able to question him nor accept Aishu back. She adds that he is showing his anger on them to Aishu. Saranya asks her to say what happened? Nachiyar narrates all incidents to her. She says to her that her heart broke into pieces when she stares her. Saranya says to her let’s complaint to Chidambaram. She deny it reasoning she don’t want to make him worry. Nachiyar says to her that she will not allow her to cry again. If she want to see her daughter in happiness she is even ready to kill him. Saranya says to her that she will take care of it.

Kathi asks his henchman to set everything to kill that Muthuraj. He says to them strictly that he will kill him. He gets a information that Muthuraj is coming to that way. Everyone hides to attack him. Muthuraj car comes there. He comes down from the car in drunken state. He starts to remove the things in front of car which blocks his way. Goons starts attacking him. Muthuraj starts fighting with them. Kathi tries to kill him but Mayan stops him. Kathi asks him to leave him. Mayan hands starts to bleed. Kathi questions him why did he stopped him? He sends the goons away. Mayan questions him why did he trying to kill him? He says to her that he tried to kill him for Mayan. Kathi says to him that Mayan mentioned him as good for nothing.
Mayan says to him that he said it in anger. Kathi says to him that there words won’t hurt him. But Mayan words matters to him.

Mayan questions him why did she taking such foolish decision? Kathi informs to him that he wants to do something for him. He will do anything for him. He is living because of him. Mayan questions him what will be Gayathri state if something happen to him? Mayan scolds Kathi in front of Gayathri. He says to her everything. Gayathri starts shivering seeing the situation. Mayan narrates everything to him. Gayathri questions him what will be her state if anything happen to him? Mayan asks him to stay in room quietly. Mayan leaves from there.

Episode end.