Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 5th November 2020 Written Update: Maha emotionally locked Mayan

Nam  Iruvar Namak Iruvar 5th November 2020 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Mayan and Kathi sits opposite to Saranya and Aishwarya. Gayathri is also there. Seeing him there Saranya about to go Kathi stops her and says he came to speak with them then where are they going? Saranya replies to him she has nothing to talk with him like Gayathri won’t talk with him. Mayan says to her listen to him first then come to an point. Saranya sits back there. He ask to her what’s her decision in Gayathri marriage ?

Saranya replies to him that nothing much its already fixed. Gayathri gonna marry Muthuraj that’s final. Mayan scold her for taking decision favour to them instead of Gayathri wish. Saranya replies to him that she worried for her sister more then him. Mayan says to her that she took the decision to Marry Muthuraj for sake of everyone in this house so don’t play with her life.

That Adhavan too apologise to all then whatelse they need from him to do this marriage? Saranya ask to him why did he so concerned in Gayathri matter? Mayan stays silent thinking she was the only one made him realise sibling love. Gayathri thinks please accept her as sister and support her. Mayan didn’t utter anything there and leaves. Kathi follows him. Kathi ask to him why did he stays silent there? He replies its not correct.

Gayathri cross Mayan didn’t heed to him. He stops her and ask to her what was her decision. She replies to him that she decided to marry Muthuraj as per her mom wish. Mayan glare her and scold her for sacrificing her love for others happiness. He again remaind her that Muthuraj is not a suitable person for her. He advised to her that she can sacrifice everything for love but not love. Don’t spoil her life for others.

Life and marriage will happen one time we must hold our happiness with us. Its our life so decision will be ours. Gayathri ask to him then why did he stays silent there? When Saranya ask to him who is he to her why did he kept quiet. Mayan replies to her that Saranya will create more problem with it. He really like her but he doesn’t know to show it off. Gayathri leaves saying Saranya too said the same he even not supporting her for a word so don’t trust him.

In temple Kathi and Mayan stop Gayathri and demand an answer from her. She repeats the same. Mayan brings Adhavan there Gayathri turns emotional seeing him. When Mayan ask her decision she about to say something before that Nachiyar slapped her and misunderstand that she came to meet Adhavan. Aishwarya tries to defend for Gayathri. Nachiyar ask her to take Gayathri to home. Nachiyar says to Adhavan she wished to see him marrying her but he ruined it all. But she changed her mind now she wanna see Muthuraj marrying her. Adhavan leaves disappointed. Mayan ask to her why did she spoiling Gayathri life. Nachiyar replies to him that she accept the blame she ruined his life like that she will take responsibility if Gayathri life too ends up like that.

Nachiyar says to Maha its the last time so don’t again allow Mayan to do something like this because Gayathri is unlike others she will trust others soon. Mayan trying to spoil her life. Maha promise to her that she will take care of everything. Mayan return to home but Kathy hesitate to go in. Mayan informs to him that Maha is not inside. Kasthuri calls to him and informs that Maha went to her house with luggage.

In Mayan comes to Maha house. Rathinavelu is there. He welcomes him. Mayan informs to him that Maha left house without informing to him. He called Maha and ask her to inform him what’s her decision. Maha says to him that she don’t like him poking his head in Gayathri marriage matter. Because of him they are treating her as enemy. He ask to Mayan why did he doing like this?

Mayan replies that Muthuraj is fraud, spoiler brat how will he allow this marriage to happen? Parvathy comment he is not less then him. Mayan added that Gayathri don’t like him. Parvathy replies even Maha don’t like Mayan. Maha says to him straightly if he poke his head in her matter then she will stay in her house forever and never go back to his house. If he agree to do this then she will go back with him. Mayan stare her surprised.