Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 6th January 2021 Written Update: Kathi promise to Gayathri

Nam  Iruvar Namak Iruvar 6th January 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Mayan takes the aarathi thattu which Nachiyar pushed away and thinks she pushed it away its not a matter to him he will welcome them in properly. He again brings Aarathi there and ask them to stand straight there. He takes aarathi to them and enters in placing their right leg. Kathi and Gayathri entered in.

Mayan says to Gayathri that he took an correct decision he believes that his father will also take this decision if he alive. Whomever deny it but her father will bless her so light up the lamp and take his blessing. Gayathri nods and light up the lamp. She prays to god that she is believing he will bless her because only he knew her better then anyone in this world.

Her mom announced that she is not her daughter anymore its hurting her so please made her understand that Mayan did everything for her sake. She asks him to bless her. Mayan says to him that he took this decision in hurry but it feels good to him because he protected his sister from that Muthuraj. He believes he will also do this from his place.

Mayan arranging mat on the floor and sitting there. Kathi comes there and says to Mayan that he knew well he will never sleep without him. He thanked him for arranging the mat for him to sleep early. Mayan scolds him and asks him to get up. Kathi staring him in confusion. Mayan says to him that Gayathri is in the room so go and sleep there. Kathi gets shocked and says to him how will he go there.

Mayan says to him that he is her husband now so he has all rights to go there. Kathi says to him that he wishes to protect her from Muthuraj and accept his wish that’s why he married her. Mayan glares him. Kathi explains to him that Gayathri studied a lot. She is the daughter of great Rajarathinam who is very rich. Look at him care of platform and didn’t study anything so he is not a correct match to her at all. Mayan says to him he took this decision afterthought a lot. He may have nothing but its no mean he will stay like this forever. He wanna change himself and make her say one day he is her husband. Make her proud. He asks him to go in. Kathi hesitates to go Mayan says to him that Gayathri is his everything to protect her.

Kathi enters the room and sees Gayathri there. She gets up in a jerk when did he close the room. Kathi says to her don’t misunderstand him he is here to talk with her nothing else. She sits again on the bed. Kathi about to sit she gets up in jerk. Kathi says to her he is not here to disturb her but he wanna talk with her for two minutes sitting far. He says to her that he married to her to protect her from Muthuraj he has no wrong intention behind it.

He knew his status and hers he is not a good match to her. He will never take any husband’s rights on her its just for a family’s sake we are a husband and wife for others. Let’s be friends. He narrates to her how genuinely he cared for her. He sleeps on the floor tired. Gayathri staring at him. Maha comes there Mayan tries to stop her but she didn’t listen to him and open the door and finds them inside.

She scolds him for not alerting her. He says to her he tried but she didn’t listen to him. Maha questions him how could he act normal after this much happened. Mayan says to her he didn’t do anything wrong he did a good job. He explains to her that everyone forced her to marry that Muthuraj even after knew he is a spoiled brat but he rescued her from him. Maha asks about Kathi. He says he may don’t match with her status but he is a good heart soul he will protect her. Both challenged each other over Gayathri’s happy life.

Episode end