Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 6th November 2020 Written Update: Mayan got irked with Muthuraj attitude

Nam  Iruvar Namak Iruvar 6th November 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Maha saying to Rathinavelu that she need a assurance from Mayan that he won’t poke his head in Gayathri marriage orelse she won’t go back with him. Mayan stare her disappointed. Rathinavelu says to Mayan, Maha is correct in this matter she is his wife now already they are not in a good relationship with Maha there because of him they are showing their anger on her now.

Mayan says to Rathinavelu how will he stays quiet in this matter that Muthuraj is not a good match to Gayathri. Rathinavelu replies to him its not a problem here when Maha life is at risk he gave her hands to Mayan just like that. Mayan tries to explain him that he is a spoiler brat.

Rathinavelu says to him that he knew Muthuraj used to drink, smoke and jobless fellow its usual there after marriage everything will be alright. Mayan says to him its not like the way he is thinking. He has wrong relationship with ladies. Rathinavelu ask to him did he have any evidence for it? Mayan stays silent. Maha ask to him to assure her he won’t poke his head again in her matter. Mayan accept her condition.

Mayan is smoking in garden. Gayathri comes there he avoids him. Gayathri ask to him did he avoiding her? He replies to her nothing like that? Gayathri says to him that Adhavan called her and ask her to say her decision. Mayan ask to her what did she replied to him? Gayathri answer to him she says to him just talk with Mayan everything. Mayan scold her for depending on others and don’t have dare to ask what she want?

 Why did she hesitating to open up to all? Gayathri replies to him that he knew her well and what she need? Mayan says to her don’t expect anything from him because he is helpless now. Gayathri starts to cry and says to him she trusted him very much because she considered him as her dad. May be this will change if her father is alive today. She says to him nothing to worry she will marry Muthuraj as everyone wish. Mayan stare her emotionally.

Mayan and Kathi is sitting in hall Muthuraj comes there and calls Gayathri. He pretend like talking nice to her and touching her irking Mayan. Gayathri having tough situation facing him but she kept staring Mayan. He couldn’t controll his anger but staying there silent. Gayathri runs from there. Rathinavelu comes to meet Mayan. They are talking with each other casually.

 Rathinavelu has doubt that Maha and Mayan leading a happy life? Kathi lies to him they are lovely dovey couple. Mayan mention Maha as darling. She gets irrittated and about to scold him but Kathi alert her pointing her father. She too pretend like talking nicely with Mayan there. Maha ask to him why did he came here out of the blue? Rathinavelu informs to her that he met the astroleger he says to him after checking Maha horoscope that she is having tough time now so we wanna visit temple and do one pariharam there along with our family members. Mayan assures to him let’s do it without problem.

Rathinavelu added that Nachiyar family should participate in it. Mayan deny it and remind him they are not in a good term with them. Maha too mention the same. Rathinavelu answer to her its his daughter life so he don’t wanna take any risk in this matter. Nachiyar discussing with Chidambaram to buy jewels for Muthuraj. Rathinavelu comes there and says to Nachiyar he wanna share one thing with her. Vadivu insult him by saying already Mayan created problem in our life what’s this new problem?

Nachiyar ask her to shut her mouth. Rathinavelu informs to her about the horoscope matter and the pariharam. Vadivu replies to him if he wanna perform rituals he can do it alone why should he inviting them. Saranya deny to accompany them. Nachiyar shouts on her for talking like that and assures to Rathinavelu they will join with them. Rathinavelu thanked her

Maha and Mayan sending off Rathinavelu. Mayan ask to Maha how comes Nachiyar agree to accompany them she used to hate him right? Maha replies to him she didn’t said ok for him but for her. Whatever the situation is both Maha and Nachiyar suffering in their life just because of Mayan. So they can understand each other by saying  Maha leaves from there. Mayan stare her in questioning way.