Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 6th October 2020 Written Update: Maha defends Mayan

Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 6th October 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Saranya standing in road side alone her car is repair. She called to the person to come soon by sharing her location. Mayan and Kathi is coming in jeep while singing. Kathi notice Saranya there and informing to Mayan that his sister is standing alone it seems her car is repair we should help her out this area is not safe for any girls more then she is alone here. Mayan understand the situation and takes reverse.

Both got down from the jeep. Seeing them she turns her face and stands aside. Kathi ask to her whether she needs any help. She replies to them harshly she don’t want any help of them. Kathi ask to her everything is ok or car is repair? She warns him to stay away from car she don’t like someone touching her car. Mayan replies to her he has 45% rights on that car so he can able to check it. He ask her to get inside the jeep its not safe to stand here alone.

She refuce their help. Mayan ask her to think its an taxi and pay for him once reach the home. She moves and takes the car key. Kathi tells him she is coming but she crossed them and start to walk. Kathi tries to convince Mayan to stop her but he replies to him let her go if someone disturb her she will understand him.

Mayan hearing song sitting in a swing. He stared Maha who is reading books silent. He wanna impress her so he plays an situation song there Maha takes a glance of him. He looks away when she stare back her. Maha walks near him and ask to him why did he staring her like that? He replies to her as nothing just listening the song.

Maha warns him don’t look at her in this way. Suddenly his mobile rang. He attend the call Kasthuri crying in the phone reasoning some guys misbehaving with her in college. Mayan replies to her he is on the way nothing to worry Maha too worries for her and leaves with Mayan

They reach the College Rathinavelu sitting silent there. Kasthuri cries more seeing them she hugs Maha. Mayan ask to her to narrate the incident. Kasthuri says that she waits for Rathinavelu liks asusual after college but some guys starts to disturb her Rathinavelu comes on the time and ask to him why did they disturbing him.

Mayan ask to her did they touched him or beat him. Rathinavelu replies nothing happened just they talked each other but Kasthuri revealed to him that they pushed him down. Mayan got angry hearing it. Maha ask to her then why didn’t she informed to police. She tells her that they leaves with their bike key that’s why she called Mayan.

Mayan ask to her again did they touched him Rathinavelu tries to refuce it but Kasthuri says strongly yes. Mayan about to go and beat them Maha stops him and says don’t do any stupidity. Those guys return back and pick a fight with them frustrated Mayan starts to fight with them and shows black and blue to them and got the bike key from them.

Once they reached home Maha and Rathinavelu starts to scold him for fighting with them on road. Rathinavelu reasoned he knew it will happen that’s why he stops Kasthuri to not inform him but she didn’t listen him. Parvathy comes there and enquired what happened Maha says to her that Mayan fights with goons , listening this Parvathy starts to blame him unaware of the situation she taunt him for ruining Maha life.

Rathinavelu and Maha try to stop her but she is not listening to anyone there. She went overboard and ask him to get out of the house. Maha shouts on her blaming him and question her what is she doing? How could she insult him in this way and ask him to go out? He is the son-in-law of this house and her husband so she must respect him and treat him in respect way. Parvathy shocked to see her change and reasoned her she always wish to see her leading a good life but she is thinking her mom is against her wish by saying she rushed in crying. Maha and Kasthuri follow her to console her. Rathinavelu and Mayan is happy because Maha mentioned him as a husband.

Maha thinking about the recent incident in the terrace. Rathinavelu comes there and tries to convince her Maha is in guilt for being rude to her mom. Rathinavelu says let it be he will convince her. He ask her to move on with Mayan because he will sacrifice anything for Maha even his life. Maha stare him helplessly. He informs to her that he knew all no need to pretend happy infront of him. He bless her and leaves.