Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 7th April 2021 Written Update: Muthuraj loses his cool.

Nam  Iruvar Namak Iruvar 7th April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Maha is giving noise from washroom. Mayan enquires to her what happened? Maha informs to him that she was vomitting from morning, she has no idea what happened to her. Mayan says to her that she vomitted. It’s a happy news, he starts sing for her to convey her that she is pregnant indirectly. Maha is scolding Mayan for irritating her with his songs. She questions him he should give tablet to her instead of irritate her like this. Mayan says to her that she is pregnant. Maha glares him and says to him nothing like that! She ate food lately that’s why she vomitted. Not only her but also Nachiyar, Saranya vomitted. Mayan says that he planned to celebrate her baby shower function with’ Dura singham’ sir family in “Mahasangamam” episode.

Maha questions him Is he watching ‘Pandiyan stores’. Mayan offers help to her. She deny it. Mayan says to Maha that he will massage her head to toe. Maha says to Mayan that she know well about him. Maha questions him Is he know when did she start liking him? Mayan nods negatively. Maha says to Mayan that she liked him when did he tried to save Gayathri from Muthuraj. Now also he is trying to save Aishu from him. May be he is not a good husband but a brother!
Mayan smiles hearing it. Parvathy calls to Maha and informs to her that they will come to meet her tomorrow.

Maha informs this news to Mayan. He feels happy to hear it. Maha questions him doesn’t he know What is Paarvathy intention? Mayan gets nervous and fears she may confess all truth to Rathinavelu! Mayan asks to Maha how will he stop Paarvathy? Nachiyar welcomes Chidambaram. He enquires about her health. Both sits down to talk with each other. Nachiyar asks to him what’s bothering him? Chidambaram says to her that he wishes to arrange Aishu’s marriage first. Nachiyar says that how will she do Aishu’s marriage first when Saranya is here?

Chidambaram alerts Nachiyar that Muthuraj is drinking daily! If he see Aishu daily then he will get bad intentions. He says clearly that he wants to perform Aishu’s marriage then Muthuraj. Vadivu comes there and questions him why are they discussing about Muthuraj’s marriage without her permission. Nachiyar informs to her that they are discussing about Aishu’s marriage. Chidambaram feels Aishu may be disturbance to Muthuraj’s marriage. Vadivu complaints that none caring about Muthuraj here. Nachiyar assures to her that she will perform Muthuraj’s marriage grandly.

Vadivu complaints that Nachiyar is not ready to give her daughter to him, then how could he get girl from outside? Chidambaram lashes out at her. Vadivu provokes Muthuraj against Chidambaram. Muthuraj questions Chidambaram doesn’t he cared about him? Why did he supporting Nachiyar’s family. Vadivu complaints that Nachiyar insulted him two times so he will definitely make them pay for it.

Chidambaram tries to make him understand it’s not right to go behind them. Muthuraj scolding Chidambaram for siding Nachiyar’s family. He shows his disappointment to him. Muthuraj didn’t heed to his feelings. He challenges Chidambaram that he will ruin everyone’s life here. Chidambaram questions Vadivu why did she standing quiet instead of warning him? Chidambaram says to Muthuraj that he is trying to change him but he is doing too much. Muthuraj breaks the ties with Chidambaram. He warns Muthuraj and leaves. Vadivu alerts him by saying he might keep this incident secret.

Gayathri notices Muthuraj is smoking there. He is teasing Gayathri. Muthuraj questions her why did she here? Gayathri requests to Muthuraj leave Aishu. Muthuraj informs to her that Aishu is behind him. Gayathri says to him that Aishu is showing pitty on him. Muthuraj is using her situation. Gayathri pleads with him. Muthuraj refuses to accept Gayathri’s offer.

Episode end.