Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 7th January 2021 Written Update: Mayan is in a dilemma

Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 7th January 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Nachiyar resting her head on dining table and lost in her thoughts. Maha comes there and question her Is she eat anything? She sits there in silent. Saranya ask her to eat anything. Nachiyar didn’t utter any word to them. Saranya ask her to eat anything for them atleast because she can’t able to see her like this. She request her to forget everything. Maha ask her to eat something. Mayan comes there and sits in chair he starts to read the newspaper.

Saranya ask Nachiyar to sleep or take rest don’t spoil her health like this. Mayan listening to them. Nachiyar gets up and says to Saranya that someone helped her by giving money and jewels so return it to him. Mayan says no need of it. Nachiyar says that her daughter married to someone hearing someone advise this marriage didn’t happened according to her wish so return the money and jewels to him. She cheated her so she don’t need the cheater money at all by saying this she leaves from there. Mayan listening this all.

Saranya shouts in frustrate mode. Maha question her what happened? She informs to Maha that she placed all jewels in mandap locker but she failed to take it from the locker in that tension. Its 300 sovereign jewels. Maha ask her to be leave tension. Let’s go to that Auditorium and takes it from locker. Maha and Saranya leaves from there to take it. Mayan staring them. Maha and Saranya reach the place but security stop them entering inside.

Maha explain to him that they forget to take the jewels in yesterday marriage. He tease them that bride eloped from the mandap. He ask them to talk with the manager. Manager comes there he ask to them why did they left like that he was the one closed the room. Saranya says their situation is like that. They goes inside to take it. Mayan comes there in bike. Manager stop him he says to him that he was also same family. He ask to him then why didn’t he see him yesterday. He replies he was busy in kidnapping bride yesterday.

Saranya check the locker but thr jewels is missing. She starts to cry thinking about the reaction of her mother. Maha questioned Manager and inform to police. He comes there and starts to investigate them. He is blaming them for being carelessness. He is indirectly blaming Mayan as the thief.

Mayan doubting why did he staring him like this. Inspector ask Manager to show the cctv. He replies its not working. He scold him. Inspector ask them to give the suspected list. Saranya ask Mayan to leave. He is thinking who stoled the jewels. Aishu trying to talk with Saranya but seeing Nachiyar she disconnect the call. She is questioning her who is on call without option she informs to her about the matter.

Episode end