Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 7th October 2020 Written Update: Doubts in Rajarathinam accident case

Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 7th October 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Mayan is sitting in Jeep and thinking about Maha’s words how did she defends him infront of Parvathy. His happiness having no bounds. Maha comes there he stare her romantically, she is walking near to him taking slow steps hiding her blushes, He is approaching her , when she near him she lost her steps and slips into his arms both stared each other romantically he caressed her blushing cheek and about to kiss her. Kathi shouts to leave him.

Mayan came back to earth seeing him and complaint to him that he ruined his beautiful dream. Kathi replies to him who will dream like this? Mayan express his happiness to him by saying Maha said those words to him. Kathi ask him what words? He starts to sing ” sollittale ava kathale ” Kathi ask to him does she really said it? Mayan starts to narrate him how did Kasthuri called him to college and confess to him and Maha rowdies disturbed her and pushed down Rathinavelu.

So he got angry on them and beaten them. Kathi guessed correctly may two of them scold him. Mayan agreed with him and added not only she scold him but defend to Parvathy for him. When she badmouth on him Maha shouts on her defending that he is her husband and she should respect him. Kathi replies to him its new change. Mayan says to him even Rathinavelu is happy for it but Parvathy is not.

Maha sitting in her room Mayan comes there after knocking the room she thanked Maha for supporting him. Maha replies to him don’t build castle in air she takes stands for him because she felt his deeds were good this time. Mayan replies that is what he want. Maha added she won’t support him in all matter.

Mayan says to her he will tries his best to change according to her wish he won’t disappoint him. He goes to fresh up. One paper fell down from his pocket Maha reads it and got emotional to know it was the same paper where she write the 10 conditions about her future husband he is still keeping it with himself.

Mayan resting outside Maha comes and sit near him. She ask to Mayan what to do next? He replies to her that he ate and gonna sleep. Maha glares him. He tells her honesty he don’t understand her words. Maha says to him that her father fell on his feet to marry her that’s why he married her and ask her to marry him by holding her hands so she done it without thinking.

In her life she never think to being with him or not as a partner that’s the reason she didn’t hesitate to marry him she was blank. Her father keep advising her to move on with him its not a easy one still she needs time to think about it. Mayan assures to her that he will be with her and wait for her. Maha ask to him he was behind her always and doing everything for her father doesn’t he get angry on them when her alliance fixed with him.

Mayan replies to her yes and he thought her happiness is his. Maha ask to him so he used this chance to marry her. Mayan replies to her not like that but he trust his love on her and waits so destiny brings them together. Maha agrees with him that destiny played well and end up with him.

We can’t live for others so let’s move on in life she will try to change her too. She ask him to meet her out tomorrow. Mayan feels happy. She ask to him did he understand her words? He replies to her yes she accepted him. She glares him first and smile little and walks away staring back at him.

Muthuraj reach the home after drunk so much he is romancing his girlfriend in car. Vadivu notice this and bangs her head with palm seeing her son in this state. He bids bye to that girl and entered in Vadivu stops him and starts to scold him for doing such things there. She says to him that she and her father planned many things with him but he is trying to destroy it with his act. He complaints to her that Gayathri gonna marry someone else then how will he be happy that’s why enjoying in this way. Vadivu assures to him that Gayathri is yours.

Next day Mayan visits police station and talking with constable he is pulling his leg. He informed to him that crime branch inspector called him here to share a doubt in his father accident. Just then Nachiyar comes there he stare her in question way. Constable inform the same reason to her both Mayan and Nachiyar got shocked hearing it.