Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 8th April 2021 Written Update: Mayan appologizes to Rathinavelu

Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 8th April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Muthuraj says to Gayathri there no much difference, if he accept Gayathri or Aishu. Both are having 15% of shares, It’s a boring deal. She question him what is he expecting then from her? why don’t she adjust her time with him? Gayathri gets shock to hear his dirty words. Muthuraj says further that she didn’t married Kathi excitedly. Mayan played in her life. He insults Kathi. Gayathri questions him Is she want to marry him leaving Kathi behind? Muthuraj says that he just need her for one day stand. Gayathri slaps him in anger! Muthuraj says that he don’t like her behaving in this way. He about to slap her but Kathi stops him. Muthuraj tries to create a wrong image of Gayathri infront of Kathi. Kathi insults Muthuraj and sends him away. Gayathri opens up to him that he approached Muthuraj to talk about Aishu. Kathi says to her that he can able to understand her intention. Kathi says to her that Muthuraj is not normal person, so keep distance with him. He assures to her that he will take care of Aishu’s life.

Rathinavelu and Parvathy are sitting in hall along with Maha. Mayan comes there and walks away not minding Rathinavelu. He stops Mayan and questions him why did he ignoring him? Mayan gets surprise to see his change over. He praises his new look. He says that he is looking so younger in this get up. He is teasing him. Just then Kathi comes there and misunderstands Rathinavelu with someone else. He is teasing Rathinavelu’s change over. Both are laughing for Kathi’s counter there. Rathinavelu praises them infront of Parvathy. Parvathy complaints that they are his peoples. Mayan questions him why did he gave this surprise visit? Rathinavelu informs to him that Doctor said he was doing good. He only want to visit the doctor yearly once. Mayan gets happy to hear it. He says that he got well with god’s grace. Parvathy says further that They are alive even after that betrayal, because of God’s grace. Mayan and Kathi turns to silent after hearing it. Rathinavelu says that she was mentioning about Surya. Parvathy says that he has no idea about Mayan. Why did she keep scolding Mayan? Parvathy complaints that she is hiding everything for his sake.

Kathi asks Parvathy to calm down, Parvathy asks him to stay away from her family matters. Rathinavelu asks Parvathy to confess the truth then? Maha takes Parvathy from there in silent! Rathinavelu says to him don’t take her words to heart. Rathinavelu informs to Mayan that Doctor says to him that he can take drinks. He is so happy now. He calls Mayan to accompany him to smoke. Kathi says to Mayan that Maha done a good job. Mayan shares to him that he can’t able to hide this truth from Rathinavelu more. Kathi stops him fearing about Rathinavelu’s health issues. Mayan says to him that he will say all truth to him. Maha asks Parvathy to leave this matter. It’s past story. Parvathy says to Maha that she can’t able to forget anything. He betrayed our family. She can’t able to forgot the incident yet. What if something happened to Rathinavelu on that day? Maha stays silent. Parvathy questions her Is she forget everything seeing his money and power? He destroyed her life. Doesn’t he destroyed her passion? After he done this much how could he roam around without fear? Parvathy says to Maha that she will confess all truth to him. Maha questions her what will be Rathinavelu’s reaction? Parvathy says that she has no problem if he accept him back after forgiving him nor kick him out.

Maha says to Parvathy that she can’t able to hate Mayan. She forget everything in these days. Parvathy slaps Maha. She questions Maha’s character? She says to her strictly that Mayan is not suitable person to her. Maha requests her to give 10 days time to her. She wants to fulfill her responsbilities here. Parvathy says to her that she won’t wait more. Just 10 days time for her. Mayan says to Rathinavelu that he liked his beard. He says that he is jealous. He starts smoking there. Rathinavelu questions Mayan what’s bothering Parvathy? Why did she scolding Mayan always? Mayan says to him that Parvathy know the truth which he don’t know. Rathinavelu says to Mayan that he trust him. Mayan asks to him why did he trusting him this much? Rathinavelu says that he is his everything. Mayan appologizes to Rathinavelu.

Episode end.