Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 8th January 2021 Written Update: Maasani’s cunning plan

Nam  Iruvar Namak Iruvar 8th January 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Nachiyar waiting for Saranya out there. Vadivu and Chidambaram also there in garden. Saranya and Maha reach there. Nachiyar question her where is the jewels? Saranya just standing there in silent and crying. Nachiyar asking her to give the jewels don’t make her mad on her. Saranya keep crying and says to her jewels went missing. Nachiyar starts to cry. Maha ask her to be calm. Mayan reach there too.

Nachiyar is beating Saranya and crying her hear out. She complains that she advised to her many time to keep it safe. Our family jewels are in it. She loss everything in one day. Maha ask her to be calm down. Nachiyar notice Mayan there and complaint to him that everything end up like this because of him. Is he happy now? Mayan leaves from there.

Saranya sitting in her room crying. Gayathri comes there and informs to her that she has no dress to change so let her allow to take dress from the Almira. Saranya glaring her. Gayathri sits beside her and ask her to talk with her. Saranya says to her she got enough because of her not more. Gayathri says to her that mom misunderstand her because of generation gap what about her. She can understand her feelings right? How could she marry to someone whom she hating to the core.

Saranya question her did Kathi is important to her or she likes him. Gayathri replies she done this marriage because in the fear of everyone arrange her marriage with Muthuraj again. Will she marry Muthuraj or Aishu? If she say yes she will accept all blame. How could she live with him when she hates him to the core. Saranya staring her.

Mayan, Kathi and Saranya are discussing about the jewels matter. Kathi saying to him none suspect him in this matter that’s great thing. Mayan saying to him that he wanna find out who stoled it? Maha comes there and blame Mayan behind it all. Mayan pretend like he take it and he gonna buy waist chain for her. Maha leaves from there making faces. Mayan assures to Gayathri that he will find out that jewels.

Nachiyar apologise to Chidambaram for everything. Vadivu talking to her in hurting way. Muthuraj pretend like crying and says to Nachiyar he is worried because she got married to that Kathi who is an orphan. Vadivu says that he still care about Gayathri. Maasani comes there seeing him Nachiyar ask him to go out. He says to her he is here to talk with Saranya we are having 4crore dealing.

Episode end.