Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 8th October 2020 Written Update: Mayan decided to confess the truth to Maha

Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 8th October 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Nachiyar comes to police station where Mayan is already there. Constable informs to her that Inspector has some doubts in his father accident case that’s why crime branch inspector called you both to discuss about it. Both enters into inspector room he ask them to take their seats. Inspector informs to them that he is suspecting Rajarathinam accident happened accidently but preplanned murder.

They are shocked to hear it. Mayan ask to the Inspector why did he suspecting its as murder. He replies to him that he checked the lorry number plates it has no proper regustration number likewise the driver also escaped from the spot after the accident. He is informing to them because these two is very close relation to Rajarathinam.

He request them not to reveal this news to anyone because if this news is leaked then there is a chance real culprit to escape and destroy the evidence. They nods. He gives his personal number to them to inform him if they feels something fishy about his case.

Mayan drinking tea in dining table. Nachiyar and her daughters comes near his father photo frame and ask him to bless her daughter Saranya she is starting new business. They leaves to send her off. Mayan stare his father photo frame and says will he only bless his daughters not him?

She gonna start a new businees but he gonna confess all truth to Maha and apologize to her. So bless him to end this smoothly. He must take responsibility for this incident because he was the one often disturbing him in his dream to confess all truth to Maha. He says to him he will accept anything from her but couldn’t afford to loss her or have dare to see her going far away from him.

He says emotionally to him that he only wished to have only two things in his life one was to live with his father and mother but it won’t happen and another one is spending his lifetime with Maha. He can’t able to live without her so he ask him to bless him. Nachiyar see him taking blessings from Rajarathinam photo frame she feels happy.

Mayan comes out Kathi stare him and ask to him in sarcasm way did he saw Mayan anywhere? He glares him back. Kathi ask to him why did he buttoned his shirt and didn’t rolled up his sleeves most important his kerchief is missing from his neck. Mayan replies to him he decided to change himself because Maha accepted him as her husband.

Kathi congratulated him and ask to him what did he prepared to gift her? He replies to him that he gonna confess the truth to her. Kathi advise him not to but he is adamant to share everything with her at any cost.

Rathinavelu checking the calender to do a next rituals to Maha. Kasthuri ask to him why did he checking the date. Parvathy to comes there he stops her and says ladies should think about the Thaali korkkura function but none opening their mouth about it. Parvathy starts to argue with him for ruining Maha life for Mayan. He tries to stop her by supporting Mayan but she is not listening to him. He slapped her when she said its better Maha living here without him.

Maha thinking about Mayan words happily Surya comes there. She starts to show anger on him but he keeps plead her to forgive him and listen to him. She didn’t listen him he narrated everything to her but she didn’t trust him at all. He returned the 5lakhs to her and the remaining amount he brought from Mayan too. Maha ask to him who threaten him to elope from mandap.