Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 9th February 2021 Written Update: Maha witnesses Mayan’s good side

Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 9th February 2021 Written Update on

The epidode starts with Kathi is leaning on tree and sleeping. Gayathri comes there and questions him why did he sleeping while standing? He replies to her that he shouldn’t sleep because Mayan and Kathi takes the oath. Gayathri smiles and says his eyes are closed somehow? Kathi says he is not intentionally sleeping but his eyes are closing automatically.

Gayathri asks him to sits with her. Nachiyar notices them and turns her face away. Kathi questions Gayathri didn’t she feel hurt when her family is avoiding her? She replies obviously it hurts but she has her brother and husband with her always to cheers her up. They used to make comedy that’s enough to find the lost smile in her.

Kathi questions her doesn’t she has any expections about her husband? She replies that she prays not to marry anyone like Muthuraj and Adhavan. Her father used to say that god knew what’s best to us. She asks him to mention her name hereafter he too asks to call him by his name. She questions him Is his real name is Kathi? He nods. Suddenly he drift into sleep and lay on her shoulder. Gayathri smiles and caresses his hair. Nachiyar turns her face in anger.

Mayan arrives to home and witness his family is sleeping outside in mist. Mayan heart aches to see them in that conditions. He feels bad too see them shivering in mist. He thinks where will be shop is open in this time and leaves from there. He comes back after few minutes.

He takes one bedsheet and goes near Aishu. He makes her cover in the bedsheet and thinks she is the last one in his family her father’s favourite not only Rathinam but also him. She used to stand adamant to get what she wants but she is ready to sacrifice her life for her family. There she shows how much she is good by her heart. One day she will accept him as her brother. He then goes near Saranya and makes her cover in bedsheet.

He says to her that everyone used to say that he is his father’s dicto pointing out his anger and braveness, but he knew well Saranya is also reflecting him. She is having too much pressure to handle alone. In this world only two person has brave to questions him one is Maha and another one is Saranya. He hopes one day she will calls him as her brother.

He makes Gayathri cover in bedsheet and thinks she is the one whom changed him like this. He used to walk alone not caring about anyone feelings but she makes him understands the value of them. He then makes cover Maha says to her that she promised to her father that he will treat her as queen but he she is suffering with him and laying on floor. He thinks that she accepted this family as hers for him. He used to betray her though she is with him always. He feels sorry towards her and expresses his love towards her.

At last he go to Nachiyar and makes her covers in bedsheet and thinks he is doing everything for her good but she is misunderstanding him. She mentioned him as her own son but he was in the tension to save Gayathri so he fails to enjoy the happiness. He hopes one day she will understands him and accept him as her son. Maha noticing him. He thinks that he must get back the properties at any cost and leaves from there.

Episode end.