Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 9th November 2020 Written Update: Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar and Senthoora Poovey Mahasangam

Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 9th November 2020 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Mayan family coming in car. Rathinavelu is enjoying the moment with all. Mayan signal to Kasthuri to shift her seat with him. She pretend like vomiting sensation and sits in Mayan seat. Mayan goes near Maha and sits beside her closely. She gets irrittated by it. Mayan using her situation and trying to be so close with her singing romantic song for her and laying on her lap.

Maha can’t able to do anything infront of her father. Nachiyar family coming in another car. Saranya and Aishu is not at all happy with Nachiyar decision. She ask them to keep calm and explain to them she has an intention behind this all. Gayathri is coming with Chidambaram family. She can’t able to bear Muthuraj staring and touching on her. Vadivu creating scene and making Gayathri uncomfortable there.

Rathinavelu stop the car to drink tender coconut. Everyone car stopped there. Rathinavelu ask them to drink it. Saranya refuse to drink it. Nachiyar ask them to drink it. Gayathri rushed near her mom and says to her she is gonna sit with her remaining time. Rathinavelu give one coconut to Mayan with two straw. He complaint to him everyone drinking one alone but he is giving one for them. Kasthuri ask him to be romantic with Maha instead of complaining. Maha gets irrittated by it. But she starts to drink with him without option.

Mayan ask Kasthuri to take their picture. Two local guys come there and starts to teasing Saranya and Aishu. They too talk back with them. They kept asking their name so Mayan interrupt them and starts to fight with them. They ran away threatening him. Maha scold him for fighting with them. Saranya too said the same he is showing off there. He says to them they are talking back to him but not with them. Rathinavelu support Mayan. They about to go they brought many goons for fight.

Mayan starts to fight with them alone. When someone place knife on Rathinavelu he warns them to move but he didn’t. Durai singham gives entry and fighted with them along with Mayan. Rathinavelu introduce him with Mayan and all. They created an brother bond. Durai singham informs to them temple is closed so let’s stay in his guest house.

Everyone reach his house. His sister Priya and mom waiting for them and welcome them. He introduce his family to them. Finally he calls his wife Roja. Seeing her Maha gets surprised and hugs her. They informs to them that they done B.Ed together and close friends. Mayan says to them its an big twist in the story. Maha is happy to see her there.

At night Mayan is drinking alone Rathinavelu comes there and joins with him. They are talking there casually but Durai singham notice them so they hides the bottle from him. He teased them and joins with them in drinking. Here Roja is vomiting. Maha helps her rubbing her back and asking to her Is she ok? She replies to her as nothing. Again she starts vomiting.

Maha force her to confess. Roja narrates to her she married her love of her life Anbu but he died the next day. She got pregnant with his child. She informs this to Durai singham about it before marriage to save her baby. He too agree with it. Maha hugs her and console her.