Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar: Maha, Roja reunion

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Vijay tv fame Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar successfully completed the first season of it . Now they launched the old season. As expected its doing well and maintaining the good response from audience. Second season revolves around Mayan and Maha love story one side and how Mayan gonna fullfill the condition on his father’s will.

This story revolves around Mayan and Nachiyar family . Now this show focusing on Mayan unhappy married life with Maha and the ignorance of Nachiyar family.

In the previous episode Maha stood in her point that she will accompany him if he assured to her he won’t poke his head in Gayathri matters or else she will stay in her house. Mayan agreed to her condition without option. Gayathri confront Mayan. Mayan scold Gayathri for not being independent. She was disappointed with his decision. Muthuraj Misbehaved with Gayathri infront of Mayan. Rathinavelu requested to Nachiyar to accompany them to temple to finish the ritual.

In the latest episode Mayan family going to temple, Mayan romancing with Maha. Mayan fights with goons for teasing Saranya and Aishu. Goons surround him again he fight with them. Durai singham helps Mayan then takes them to his house. Maha gets surprise seeing her old friend Roja there. Mayan drinking with Durai singham. Roja informing to Maha about her pregnancy.

What will happen next? Will Gayathri marriage happen with Adhavan or not? Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions stay tuned with our space for more updates.