Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar: Parvathy insulting Mayan

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Vijay tv fame Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar successfully completed the first season of it . Now they launched the 2 second season. As expected its doing well and maintain the good response from audience . Second season revolves around Mayan and Maha love story one side and how Mayan gonna fullfill the condition on will.

In the previous episode we  saw Rathinavelu taken Maha to mandap.parvathy and Maha shocked to know Mayan is groom. Parvathi hesitate to bless the mangalyam. Kathi comes to know that Surya got escaped . He set the people to caught him before he enter into mandap.

 Rathinavelu and Parvathy blessed the Mangalayam. Surya pushed them and ran in to stop the marriage , Mayan married Maha . Kathi taken Surya away. Surya curses them for betraying him.

Kathi explain to him that Surya betrayed Maha by chose Money over her so he has no rights to blame them. Parvathy arguing with Rathinavelu that he destroyed Maha life . He falls down holding his chest.

Maha and Parvathy got panic seeing his condition. Maha assures to him that she is not worried for his decision he will choose best for her . Rathinavelu explains to her that Mayan may not educated but he will take care of her well then anyone because he understand her well.

Kasthuri sharing her wish to him. Rathinavelu thanking Mayan for saving his reputation and marrying Maha. Everyone going back to home . Surya staring it all from far . When they reached home Parvathy rushed in.

Kasthuri comes to take arathi for them instead of Parvathy . Rathinavelu got angry and lash out on her . Parvathy insults mayan and says its not a marriage . He destroyed Maha life. Rathinavelu got angry and about to beat her Mayan stops him. Kasthuri takes their arathi. Surya mom asking his dad to complaint on police station for his missing .

 He got angry  hearing it . His mom tells him that Surya won’t do such things just then he comes there. His dad badmouth on him. Frustrated surya lashes out on him.

What will happen next ? Will Maha accept Mayan or insult him like the way Parvathy do . Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions . Stay tuned with this space for more updates.